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Onyx Cameo Horse Brooch/Necklace

Custom carved onyx cameo horse in hand crafted 18kt yellow gold pin/pendant (J3763)

Onyx Horse Cameo Brooch/Pendant

Equestrians will love this  custom carved onyx cameo of a handsome horse set in an 18kt yellow gold brooch/pendant.  If you own a horse or just appreciate the noble beauty horses, this pin/pendant is perfect for you.

We hand crafted a simple 18kt yellow gold bezel frame and polished it with a mirror like finish to showcase this majestic young horse.  For versatility, I created a collapsible hidden bail and pin stem mechanism so that the cameo could be worn as either a pin or a pendant/necklace.  Shown here as a pendant, the simple loop bail slides easily on this black coated wire choker.

Custom carved onyx cameo horse in hand crafted 18kt yellow gold pin/pendant (J3763)

The filly in this brooch has exquisite detail and depth.   From the flowing mane and forelock to the chiseled cheekbones, the flared nostrils and the perked ears,  the lapidarist's skills are duly noted.   One of our stone cutters is a master lapidarist from Idar Oberstein that specializes in custom carving hardstone cameos from photographs.  When I saw this onyx cameo horse, I fell in love with this magnificent carving, the exceptional detail and the subject matter since I am a huge fan of horses !

This view shows the simple loop bail rotated parallel to the brooch which allows for a flat fit when pushed down into the collapsed position.  This allows the wearer to then use the pin stem mechanism and attach this lovely brooch to a jacket or sweater.

Custom carved onyx cameo horse in hand crafted 18kt yellow gold pin/pendant (J3763)

Here is a nice view showing the wonderful detail and depth of the cameo carving as well as the thick durable bezel wall that beautifully frames this handsome horse cameo.  You can see how the thick walls of the bezel perfectly wrap around the cameo and form an heirloom that will last for generations.

Custom carved onyx cameo horse in hand crafted 18kt yellow gold pin/pendant (J3763)

The back of the brooch was crafted with a flat circular rim of substantial width,   to further support the cameo.  The center was left open to keep the weight of the piece comfortable.  We then created a flared "v" shaped center motif for additional strength and to also serve as support for the pin stem and locking clasp.  At the top of this underside-frame is a "widow's peak" motif, adding just a touch of flare to a traditional circular frame.

The hinged collapsible bail is designed to rotate 360 degrees as well as fold down flat.  These are the hidden details that make a custom jewel truly exceptional.

You can also see our Registered Hallmark (BELtd) and the quality of the 18kt yellow gold metal (750) stamped on the back of the pendant.  These marks ensure you have purchased a quality jewel created by skilled designers and master craftsmen.

Custom carved onyx cameo horse in hand crafted 18kt yellow gold pin/pendant (J3763)

Here we show the brooch in the pendant form suspended from a yellow gold neckwire.  You can wear this beautiful jewel as a pendant with a variety of neckwires or chains or you can sport it as a pin on your favorite sweater or even on the lapel of a classic blazer.  And if you ride in competitions, this stunning brooch would be the perfect accent to your riding attire!
Custom carved onyx cameo horse in hand crafted 18kt yellow gold pin/pendant (J3763)

If you own a horse or just love horses, this pin/pendant is a "must have".  It is also a wonderful concept to commemorate your favorite friend or loved one!

Our lapidarists carve cameos depicting a variety of subjects !  If cats are your fancy, how about this cute onyx cat cameo shown below ?  We can custom build a brooch for this cat cameo in either yellow gold, rose gold, platinum or two-tone.

Custom Onyx Cameo of Cat (CS3764)
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty .........

Or, if there is a special loved one you would like to capture in an onyx or sardonyx cameo,  our lapidarist can custom carve a lovely portrait from photographs.  In fact, many years ago, we created a beautiful brooch with a custom carved cameo portrait of a woman. This was a lovely memorial piece to honor a sister and mother.

Custom Onyx Cameo of Woman in 18kt Yellow Gold Brooch

The options are limited only by the imagination!

Let us create your next heirloom featuring a custom carved cameo of your loved one.  A jewel you will always cherish and a memento that you can wear close to your heart each and every day.

Custom carved onyx cameo horse in hand crafted 18kt yellow gold pin/pendant (J3763)

Name:  Onyx Horse Cameo Brooch/Pendant




The round onyx cameo measures 18 millimmeters in diameter.  The 18kt yellow gold and onyx brooch weighs 7.6 grams.  This brooch comes with the black coated (base metal) neckwire shown above.  If you prefer a yellow gold neckwire, please contact us for cost and availability.

If you would like to add this handsome brooch to your collection or if you prefer to have a similar piece custom created to order,  Please give us a call  (603 624-8672) or send us an email.

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