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Trillium Purple Sapphire Set in a
Hand Engraved Platinum Ring

Hand engraved platinum ring with a trillium purple sapphire.

Solitaire Scrolls!

Sapphires are not just for the blues!  A luscious fancy purple sapphire is featured in this handcrafted platinum ring.  The sapphire is trillium cut and weighs  1.32 carats.

The ring is beautifully hand engraved with a flowing,  romantic scroll pattern.  Our Engraved Elegance rings  have been so popular that we decided to add several new engravers and engraving styles to our repertoire.  Each engraver works in their own style and technique to create unique and beautiful patterns.

Hand engraved platinum ring with a trillium purple sapphire.

The sapphire showcased in this ring is a rich purple with a touch of red.  It is securely held in a three-prong setting with an engraved gallery.  This ring was hand made so that the setting perfectly matches the size and shape of the gemstone.

The richly engraved pattern flows along the shoulders and sides of the ring and continues throughout the circumference of the band.  The edges of the band and gallery have been milgrained with a small bead-like pattern for an added touch of elegance.

Hand engraved platinum ring with a trillium purple sapphire.

We narrowed the shoulders of the ring as they rise to meet the sapphire.  This creates a cathedral-like setting for the gemstone and keeps the ring from looking heavy or blocky.

The narrowing shoulders presented a challenge to our engraver,  who masterfully continued the flowing scrolls in the smaller space.  The talent of a master craftsman is most apparent in the small details.

Side view of hand engraved platinum ring with a trillium purple sapphire.

The platinum band of the ring,  as well as the gallery beneath the sapphire,  are hand engraved.  Hand engraving a ring like this requires an artist's eye for detail,  a steady hand and several days on the jeweler's bench.

This side view also shows the symmetry of the design and the care with which the ring was crafted.  Note the thickness of the band throughout its circumference and the sturdiness of the setting.  This ring was designed to offer exquisite beauty and to wear well for several generations.

Inside view of hand engraved platinum ring with a trillium purple sapphire.

Viewing the inside of the ring,  you can see the symmetry of the design and the care with which it was hand built.  The underside of the ring is smoothly finished with crisp symmetrical edges and a beautiful polish.

Also note the engraver's mark,  a small four-petal flower,  at the base of the ring.  When engraving a ring,  the artist first creates a mark to center the design and then works outward and up the sides of the ring.  This center mark is often unique and serves as the engraver's hidden signature.

Hand engraved platinum ring with a trillium purple sapphire.

Name:  Solitaire Scrolls!

Cost: This ring has sold.  Please visit our  Fancy Color Sapphire Gallery  where we feature many other rings set with beautiful sapphires.

Or,  we can custom create a ring in this style for you using the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  Please give us a call (603 624-8672) or  send us an email,  to discuss gemstones, design options and costs.

The trillium-cut purple sapphire weighs  1.32 carats and measures approximately  6.8 millimeters along each side.  This ring is a finger size 6 1/2.

Gemstone Note:
It is common practice to heat sapphires to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise.  The color of this sapphire is natural and has not been heat treated.

We can custom create a ring in this style in platinum or 18kt gold featuring the gemstone of your choice.  Platinum works well with cool gems like sapphire and tanzanite,  while 18kt yellow gold is well suited for warmer colored gems like emerald,  tsavorite garnet and tourmaline.  And,  of course,  diamonds go well with everything!

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