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Vibrant Red Spinel

Vibrant red spinel. (CS8656)

Red Spinel!

The vibrant, fiery color of this red spinel is elegantly arresting  -  an intoxicating blend of red hot embers and ripe strawberries.  It is little wonder that red spinels are often mistaken for costlier, rarer rubies.  In fact, the Black Prince Ruby set in the British Imperial State Crown is actually a striking red spinel.  This fiery gemstone has long been a symbol of love and passion.

Red spinel is among the hardest of the colored gemstones  -  scoring 8 out of 10 on the Moh's hardness scale.  Red spinel is exceeded in hardness only by sapphire, ruby and diamond. Thus, red spinel is an ideal gemstone for non-traditional engagement rings and jewels that are worn frequently.

Cost: Although this striking gemstone has sold,  we can help you acquire a similar gem.  Please inquire.

Color: vibrant fiery red

Cut: This beautiful red spinel is a rectangular cushion cut.  It measures 9.3 millimeters by 6.8 millimeters and is 5.5 millimeters in depth.

Weight: 3.04 carats

Gemstone Note: This red spinel is a natural gemstone from the gemfields of Burma (Myanmar).  Although in recent years red spinels have been heat treated to enhance their color and appearance,  this gemstone displays its natural color and has not been heat treated.

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