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Vibrant Round Black Opal

Round Black Opal (CS4048)

Round Black Opal

The colors in this round black opal are just stunning  -  a combination of vivid violets, blues, teals, turquoise and blues. Truly a mezmerizing array of crisp, cool hues.

Black opals are among the rarest of opals and are found mainly in Lightning Ridge (New South Wales, the black opal capital) and Mintabie (South Australia).

When valuing Black Opals, I look at several factors such as Brightness, Body Color, Strength of the Play-of-Color effect, Colors, Pattern, Directionality and Distribution.   Opals are, in fact, one of the most difficult stones to evaluate and perhaps one of the most subjective.

I purchased this specific Black Opal because I love the predominant violets, blues and greens as well as the brightness of the colors.  The hues are rich and vibrant, with wonderful brightness and strength.

This exceptional small round black opal would be perfect in a custom ring or band design.

Cost: $1,445

Color: Black body color with predominance of Violet, Blue, Teal, Green and Turquoise hues.

Cut: This beautiful black opal is nearly round in shape and measures 6.5 millimeters long by 6.0 millimeters wide by 3.6 millimeters total depth.

Weight: 0.89 carats

Looking for some design ideas to feature this exceptional beauty?  Here are examples of our designs that would be ideal for this special black opal ...

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