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Star Sapphire Engagement Ring

Star sapphire engagement ring with matching custom-fit band.

Solitary Star!

Star sapphires are wonderful,  mysterious gemstones that come alive when set in white gold or platinum.  The star effect,  known as "asterism",  is caused by tiny silk-like inclusions that are trapped inside the sapphire.  The inclusions bend light entering the sapphire and create the star-like pattern.

This custom engagement ring features a violetish blue star sapphire that weighs just over 5 carats.  The sapphire is a slightly rounded oval (a shape we call "roval") and set in a cool white gold bezel.

The sapphire appears to gracefully float above a narrow band of gold,  but from the side you can see how thick and sturdy the band is.  This ring,  like the relationship it celebrates,  is meant to last a lifetime.

Inside view of star sapphire engagement ring.

As with all Bijoux jewels,  the inside of this ring is finished as nicely as the top.  The underside of the bezel is crisply finished,  symmetrical and beautifully polished.  Also note the slightly flattened inner surface of the band which creates a more comfortable,  secure fit on the finger.

The bezel setting beneath the star sapphire is pierced with "half moon" cut outs.  They give the setting a more open and airy feel.  And since stars and moons are always related,  the half-moon cut outs are a perfect complement to the solitary star sapphire.

18kt white gold engagement ring with custom-fit wedding band.

Our client wanted to complement the striking beauty of this star sapphire engagement ring with an equally striking wedding band.  So, we created a custom-fit band to fit snuggly beside the ring.  The surfaces of the band are highly polished and gently curved to follow the shape of the ring.  Even by itself,  the band is a miniature work of sculpture!

18kt white gold custom-fit wedding band.

Name:  Solitary Star!

Cost: This striking engagement ring and band were custom created for a special couple.  We would love to work with you to create a similar custom ring with a star sapphire or the other gemstone of your choice.  To discuss design options, gemstones and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

This 18kt white gold ring set features a 5 carat star sapphire.

Side view of star sapphire and white gold engagement ring.

Our client,  Brian,  and his fiance were very happy with the rings.  Here is what Brian had to say about working with Judi and Bijoux Extraordinaire ....

At first I was hesitant about creating an engagement ring and wedding band over the Internet,  especially considering I was having the rings handmade.  However,  after corresponding with Judi Anderson via email and telephone,  I was confident that she would deliver a quality product that met my budget constraints.  I was right!

Judi and her staff made me feel at ease and her considerable knowledge about gem stones and hand crafted jewelry was impressive.  Judi was responsive to my questions and receptive to my feedback and suggestions throughout the process of designing and building the rings.  I received the rings in the mail a few days ago and they are perfect!  My new fiance couldn't be happier.  Thanks Judi!

- Brian

We liked this ring so much we recently created one for inventory
featuring a velvety violet blue star sapphire.

Purple star sapphire ring hand crafted in platinum.

We specialize in creating beautiful custom rings.  Here are a few more of our
recent creations featuring tanzanites, star sapphires and sapphires ....

Tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.Plum Star Sapphire set with pave diamonds in a platinum ring.Sapphire and trilliant diamond platinum hand engraved ring.

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