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Titania Drusy Quartz

Titania drusy quartz tongue.

Titania Drusy Tongue

Gemologist's Notes:
Drusy is a layer of minute quartz crystals that have crystallized on the surface of another gemstone or mineral.  Drusy quartz is basically minute quartz crystals on the surface of crystalline quartz,  chalcedony quartz or agate quartz.  Titania drusy is drusy chalcedony that has been coated with titanium and treated with electrical current to induce vivid,  jewel-like colors.  We chose this tongue-shaped example for it's vibrant colors and the dramatic look our cutter created with a panel of drusy crystals sweeping across the center of the stone.


Cut Style: Polished Tongue

Color: Green, Magenta and Violet
vivid saturation

Cost: $625

Treatments: Coated with titanium and treated with electrical current to create the vibrant colors.

Designer Notes:
This vibrant tongue shaped titania drusy is the best suited for a pendant or necklace.  In fact,  we have the perfect design in mind.  Check out our Egypt inspired pendant  "Mysteries of the Sphinx".  This exciting stone,  set in rich 18kt yellow gold and accented with an oval amethyst and blue-green tourmalines is a sure winner!

Pendant with Iridescent Pyrite (J2904)Striking 18kt gold pendant with rainbow hematite.

We specialize in creating beautifully designed,  expertly crafted jewels.  Below is a pendant we recently created for a special client.  The pendant features an amethyst,  two blue-green tourmalines and a titanium-coated drusy with shades of purple and magenta.  The pendant is suspended from an 18kt gold omega necklace.

Titania Drusy Quartz Necklace.
If you would like to work with us to custom create a beautiful jewel showcasing the rich bright colors of titanium drusy,  please give us a call or  send us an email.

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