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Victorian Neoclassical Cufflinks

Late Victorian neoclassical cufflinks. (J9424)

Ancient Elegance

The jewelers of the late Victorian era eagerly adopted design motifs and decorative devices from ancient and distant cultures.  They often reinterpreted and combined the borrowed elements in imaginative, if not always historically accurate, ways.  These striking cufflinks with hints of the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations are an elegant example.  Created by Whiteside & Blank in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Late Victorian neoclassical cufflinks. (J9424)

The cufflinks are beautifully crafted with sturdy curved "Y" bridges securely attaching the solid tops to bean-shaped backs (often known as "bean backs").  The maker's attention to fine detail can be seen where the two branching arms of the "Y" attach to the tops.  The goldsmith took the time to bevel the ends of the arms so they transition smoothly to the tops with no jutting or sharp edges that could snag or catch when the cufflinks are being worn

Late Victorian neoclassical cufflinks. (J9424)

The maker's mark of Whiteside & Blank,  a crescent pierced by an arrow,  is stamped on the left of the inner backs.  On the opposite side of the post "14K" is stamped for the purity of the gold.  Also note the thickness of the tops and the depth of the classical motifs.  Whiteside & Blank created cufflinks that were as finely crafted as they were beautifully designed.

Late Victorian neoclassical cufflinks. (J9424)

Whiteside & Blank was founded in 1890 and created elegant cufflinks, stickpins and other jewels during the late 1900s and early years of the 20th century.  The firm was especially known for the elegance of its designs and meticulousness of its craftsmanship.  As a bit of cufflink trivia,  one of the firm's founders, Henry Blank, was a survivor of the Titanic's ill-fated maiden voyage in 1912.

Name:  Ancient Elegance

Cost:  $925

Measurements:  The oval tops of these 14kt gold cufflinks measure 13/16" by just over 1/2".  They weigh a total of 8.5 grams.

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