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Earrings with Drusy Onyx

Drusy onyx and rutilated quartz earrings.

Drusy Onyx and Rutilated Quartz!

Elegant 18 karat gold earrings set with glittering Drusy Onyx and Rutilated Quartz.

The beautiful gemstones featured in these 18kt gold earrings are sure to catch attention from afar.   The upper halves are cushion-shaped Rutilated Quartz with golden rutile needles that point to the sky.   The Rutilated Quartz have been backed with black Onyx - the effect is a dark, dramatic background against which the golden rutile needles shine.

Hanging below are shimmering Drusy Onyx tongues.  The Onyx tongues are held by a sturdy bar hinge which allows them to glitter and shine as the swing freely in each passing light.

These exceptional gemstones are bezel set in 18kt yellow gold with a bright finish.  We kept the gold work simple in order to emphasize the beauty of the gemstones.

Golden Rutile needles, shimmering Drusy Onyx and warm yellow gold create a spectacular look of elegance and pizzazz.

Cost:  Custom made,  please inquire.
Rear view of drusy onyx earrings. This view from the rear displays the smooth, consistent bezel that our goldsmith crafted to hold the gemstones.   You can also see the bar-hinge that connects the upper and lower halves of the earrings.   This freely swinging hinge creates a more active jewel and allows for a more dramatic alignment of the gemstones.

We left the backs of the earrings open.   This allowed us to work with less gold and keep the weight and cost of the earrings reasonable.   After all, who wants to pay extra for heavier earrings that will just give you "droopy earlobe syndrome".

At Bijoux Extraordinaire, we believe that truly exquisite jewels will look as good from the rear as they do from the front.   It is a true indication of thoughtful design and uncompromising craftsmanship.

If you want a softer look, we can make these earrings in a satin finish with cooler colored gemstones.   Such as Rose Quartz and Blue Chalcedony; or, you might try something really spectacular like Rainbow Hematite.

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