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Sapphire and diamond cluster earrings crafted in platinum.

Jewels for the ear!  One of the earliest forms of jewelry,  earrings have captivated jewelry lovers for centuries.  In ancient China,  golden hoops were worn as early as 3000 BC.  Later ancient Greek,  Roman and Etruscan craftsmen created earrings that were miniature works of art.

At Bijoux Extraordinaire we believe in the tradition of earring excellence.  In this Gallery we feature some of our favorite earring designs.  Some of the designs are Bijoux originals,  others were created by designers and goldsmiths with whom we work.  As you view the earrings in the Gallery,  keep in mind that many of the designs can be custom created with gemstones and precious metals you choose. Rainbow Hematite earrings with an Iolite drop crafted in 18kt gold.

Pearl, diamond and 22kt gold earrings. (J3930) Earrings are one of the most versatile forms of jewelry.  They present the artist-craftsman with an open palette from which they can create a limitless variety of forms,  patterns and designs.  This is why we refer to these jewels as Ear-eee-sistible Earrings.

If you have any questions about the earrings showcased below or would like to create a custom pair of earrings,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

Tanzanite stud earrings crafted in platinum.

Tanzanite Studs!  A pair of rich, violet-blue Tanzanites set in hand-crafted platinum stud earrings.  These beautiful gemstones are alive with subtle flashes of purple.

Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Drusy Quartz,  Rainbow Hematite and Rhodolite Garnet 18kt yellow gold earrings (J2905)

Snap, Crackle, Pop Drusy Earrings  A myriad of tiny golden yellow quartz crystals sparkle on the surface of these stylish asymmetrical earrings.   Above the yellow drusy gems are smaller pie-wedge shaped rainbow hematites and a round brilliant cut rhodolite garnet .
Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Chrysoprase, Diamond and 18kt Yellow Gold Dangle Earrings (J4266)

Chrysoprase LifeDrop Dangle Earrings Refined elegance and sophistication in these rich yellow gold earrings are the perfect jewel for your holiday parties and special occasions.  These stunning earrings are hand-crafted in 18kt yellow gold and capped with a bullet cut Chrysoprase and small brilliant cut diamonds.

Cost:  Please inquire.

Boulder opal, yellow diamond and apatite earrings.
Boulder Opal Blue!  Striking blue-green boulder opal splits set in custom gold earrings.  Accenting the boulder opals are round blue apatites and sparkling yellow diamonds.  The earrings are hand-crafted in 18kt yellow gold.

Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Pearl, diamond and 22kt gold earrings. (J3930)
Pearl Pizzazz!  Warm rippling 22kt yellow gold sprinkled with sparkling diamonds and a lustrous cultured pearl.  All set in 18kt white gold.        Cost:  Please inquire.

Dalmation Drop Dendritic Agate and Green Tourmaline 18kt Yellow Gold Dangle Earrings (J5720)

Dalmation Drop Dangle Earrings   Picturesque Montana Dendritic Agates are featured in this handsome pair of dangle earrings.

Hand-crafted in 18kt yellow gold, these dynamic earrings are a versatile design that can go from "dressed up " for evening wear to " dressed down " with your favorite Saturday jeans.

Cost:    Custom made, please inquire.

Mandarin garnet and diamond earrings in 18kt gold.

Mandarin Drops!  Vibrant orange Mandarin Garnets accented with sparkling diamonds in elegant drop earrings.  Hand-crafted in platinum and 18kt gold.
Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Drusy uvarovite earrings with princess-cut diamonds.
Dazzling Drusies!  Striking 18kt gold earrings with vibrant drusy uvarovite garnets and princess-cut diamonds.  The sparkling gemstones are set in hand-crafted gold bezels that add a warm accent.  These earrings were designed so that the gemstones will dance and glimmer with every move of your head!

Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Platinum sapphire stud earrings.

Sapphire Stud Earrings!  A striking, vibrant pair of sapphires set in hand-crafted platinum stud earrings.  The sapphires are beautifully matched with a rich saturated color.

Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Rainbow Hematite earrings with an Iolite drop crafted in 18kt gold.

Deco Hematite Earrings!  A shimmering rainbow of dazzling colors set in 18kt yellow gold with Iolite drops.  These earrings feature elongated Rainbow Hematites.  Above the Hematites are sweeping Art Deco-like arches.    Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

A striking pair of Drusy Quartz and Tanzanite earrings hand crafted in 22kt yellow gold. (J4738)

Cristaux Gris Earrings  Crystalline grains of drusy quartz shimmer and sparkle with every move.  These dazzling earrings feature a pair of trillium cut gray drusy quartz bezel set within rich 22 karat yellow gold frames,  accented by two small round brilliant cut Tanzanites.    Cost:  Please inquire.

Sapphire and diamond cluster earrings crafted in platinum.

Sapphire Stars!  Beautiful cluster earrings with striking blue sapphires surrounded by eight sparkling diamonds.

Cost:  Please inquire.

Iridescent pyrite earrings in 18kt gold.

Iridescent Pyrite!   Iridescent pyrite drusies offering a glittering array of minute crystals set in hand-crafted 18kt gold earrings.      Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Ruby earrings in 18kt gold.

Easy as Pie!  18kt gold earrings with invisibly set rubies.   Invisible setting was developed in the 1930s to create the illusion of a single large gemstone.  A wonderful look and at a fraction of the cost!  Also available in a variety of other gems.
Cost:  Please inquire.

Drusy chrysocolla earrings in 22kt gold.

Chrysocolla Teardrops!  A spectacular pair of tear-drop drusy chrysocollas set in 22kt gold earrings.  Each drusy gem is bezel set in a simple rim surrounded by granulated frames,  and suspended from granulated rhomboid tops.

Cost:  Please inquire.

Gold earrings with rutilated quartz and drusy onyx.

Drusy and Rutile!  An elegant evening at the Opera,  an intimate dinner for two,  or just an informal gathering with friends are all occasions to celebrate with the understated elegance of these versatile earrings.  These striking earrings feature two of our favorite gemstones  -  Drusy Onyx and Rutilated Quartz.  The Rutilated Quartz tops have been backed with black onyx,  highlighting the golden fire of the rutile needles.   Beautifully crafted in 18kt yellow gold.

Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

18kt gold and sapphire hoop earrings.

Sapphires in Gold!  Fine rich blue sapphires channel set in 18kt yellow gold.  These classic half-hoop earrings are also available in white gold and with rubies,  emeralds and diamonds.  They will complement your finest business attire,  as well as your favorite pair of jeans and sweater.

Cost:  Please inquire.

Diamond stud earrings in platinum and gold.
Diamond Stud Earrings!  Diamond stud earrings are a classic jewel that can be worn on all occasions.  Learn how we help clients custom create or special order diamond and colored gemstone earrings to suit their tastes and budget.

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How We Do Business  -  This section describes how we do business and covers such important topics as payment terms,  return policy and shipping.  If you consider purchasing one of the jewels in the Gallery,  we recommend that you review this section.

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