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Antique Cloisonne Belt Buckle

Cloisonne Belt Buckle

Colorful Cloisonne Belt Buckle

This colorfully ornate belt buckle illustrates the ancient Chinese art of Cloisonne in which small compartments or "cloisons" are created by flat wire borders soldered to the surface. These individual cloisons are filled with ground colored glass which is then backed and fired to create an enamel filling. Several layers of enamel are applied and baked to build up the compartments until flush with the surface. The result is a wonderful display of colors and patterns.

Our belt buckle also has an Indian influence, typical of Cloisonne enameled pieces from the Victorian Period. In 1876, Queen Victoria became Empress of India, which opened up trade relations and travel between India and England. During this time many of the English artists began to incorporate colorful enameling techniques into the jewelry as well as many typical Indian motifs. The Indian jewelry and textiles was quite colorful and busy in appearance, and this style was thus copied by English jewelers.

Cost:  Sold

Measurements:  This beautiful buckle is 3" long and 1.875" high.

Backside of Cloisonne Belt Buckle

The back of this buckle displays a solid yellowish-green field of enamel within the simple scalloped frame. When enameling jewelry, the piece should be enameled on the backside as well, to add durability to the enameled topside and a more finished appearance.

The hook and loop of the belt buckle are simple in design and ideally functional. One would feed a black ribbon or sash through the outer loops on each side of the buckle and wear the buckle in the center.

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