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Antique Filigree Diamond Ring

14 kt antique filigree ring with an Old European cut diamond.

Antique Filigree!

A wonderfully filigreed and richly designed antique ring featuring an  3/4 carat Old European cut diamond.  This distinctive ring is exceptionally well crafted.  Note the beauty of the filigree work,  the precision of the milgrained edges,  and the life-like details of the floral designs.  The flowers along the sides of the ring have a three-dimensional quality that creates the illusion of a flowered vine encircling the wearer's finger.

The ring is crafted in 14kt gold and the diamond is set with six platinum prongs.

Antique filigree ring with an Old European cut diamond.

This wonderful antique ring probably captures several generations of life,  love and memories.  The solitaire diamond is an Old European cut that dates from the years around 1900.  The filigree ring and setting were made a generation or two later, around 1930 or 1940.  In antique rings you often see older gems set in more recent settings as jewels were passed from one generation to the next.  Perhaps a grandmother passed this diamond on to her granddaughter to be set in a new engagement ring!

Close-up view of Old Eurpoean cut diamond. The solitaire diamond is a wonderful example of an Old European cut.  This style of diamond was common during the period 1890 to 1920.  The beautiful symmetry and crispness of the faceting are not commonly found in older cut diamonds.

The high, small table facet at the top of the diamond and the relatively large culet at the rear of the stone are both characteristic of Old European cuts.

In a modern brilliant-cut diamond the table will be lower and larger:  the culet,  if any,  will be smaller.

We did not want to risk damaging this ring by removing the diamond from the setting.  So, we can only provide estimates of the diamond's weight,  color and clarity.  By our best estimate the diamond weighs slightly more than  3/4 carats,  is at least  SI1 (possibly VS2) clarity and  H-I  color.

Inside view of antique filigree ring.

All jewels,  whether antique or modern,  should be examined as closely from the back as they are from the front.  Viewing the inside of our filigree ring shows why it has survived the past  70 years so well.  Note the thickness of the walls supporting the filigree work and the sturdiness of the rings band.  Although this jewel is delicate in appearance,  it was crafted to last a least several more generations!

Name:  Antique Filigree!

Cost:  Sold

Measurements:  The ring is crafted in 14kt gold with platinum prongs.  The finger size is 6.

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