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Victorian Coral Brooch

Victorian carved coral brooch. (J3042)

Coral Grapes and Leaves

This Victorian yellow gold and carved oxblood coral brooch depicts a cluster of grapes and grape leaves in a truly three-dimensional rendition of nature.  The Victorians were enamored with nature and often depicted flora and fauna in not only their paintings and textiles,  but also in the jewelry of the period.

Oxblood coral is the most rare and most valuable of all the pink and orange corals available. When buying coral, the darker the red-orange .... the better.  And this brooch certainly has the best coral has to offer.  The brooch has four naturalistic carved coral leaves and several clusters of various sizes of coral beads .... giving a truly natural look to this wonderful piece.

Cost:  Although this beautiful brooch has sold,  you will find many more fine brooches in the Antique Brooch Gallery.

Measurements:   This coral and gold brooch is 2" long and 1.5" high.

Rear view of Victorian coral brooch. (J3042)
When examining a piece of jewelry, you should inspect it from as many angles as possible.   True quality is always apparent from every angle. As you can see in this back view of the brooch, it has a wonderful support frame and the classic Victorian "C" clasp. You can also see here several gold wire like tendrils.....reminiscent of the small curled stems that grow along the grape clusters in a vineyard. Each coral bead seems to be suspended along a supple leafy stem....ready to be plucked and tasted!

Ox-blood coral brooch in original box. (J3042) It is especially nice to know which fine jewelry retailer originally sold this exquisite example of Victorian history. The Ball, Black & Co. originated in New York City and ultimately became the well known firm of Black, Starr & Frost, Ltd. Just alittle history lesson here.....the Ball, Black & Company were the successors to a firm called Ball, Thompkins & Black circa 1851. The partners of the Ball, Black & Company were Henry Ball and William Black. In 1876, they were succeeded by Black, Starr & Frost. Having an original jewel from Black, Starr & Frost would be a tremendous addition to any fine collection.
Jewels of this quality are often sought after by museums that feature historical perspectives of jewelry and decorative arts.  Experienced collectors add great value to a piece if the original box is not only available but also in good condition....and the box containing this wonderful brooch is in excellent condition. This piece is a real find and is well worth adding to your collection!!!

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