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Platinum Ring with Rubellite Tourmaline

Platinum ring with rubellite tourmaline and diamonds.

A Real Dazzler!

Some jewels have charisma, a presence that can not be denied.   This striking platinum ring set with a large rubellite tourmaline and sparkling diamonds is one of those jewels.

The centerstone, an emerald-cut rubellite tourmaline, is a vivid red-violet reminiscent of ripened raspberries.   Weighing approximately 35 carats, this gem is a wonderful and large example of the red tourmaline.   Rubellites weighing more than 20 carats are rare.

Surrounding the tourmaline are 28 small diamonds weighing approximately 2 carats in total.   The diamonds are well matched with color grades from G to I, while the clarity grades range from VS-1 to SI-2.   The diamonds are full cuts and add just the right sparkle to the coolness of the platinum and the intensity of the rubellite.

The ring is expertly crafted in platinum.   The artisan's attention to his/her craft is reflected in the quality of the settings, the beauty of the gallery work and the smooth flow of the shank.   A beautiful gemstone should always be celebrated in a beautiful jewel!

Side view of platinum ring with rubellite tourmaline and diamonds.

In this side-view you can see the quality of the handcrafted gallery work and the bead settings that securely hold the diamonds.   A craftsman's respect for the details is an indication of the overall quality of the jewel.

Bottoms-up view of platinum ring with rubellite tourmaline and diamonds.

This bottoms-up view shows how the underside of the gallery has been curved and the shank tapered, so that the ring rests comfortably on your finger.   A beautiful jewel should feel as good as it looks.

From the underside of the rubellite you can see several of the inclusions that are characteristic of this gemstone.   As a Type III gemstone, rubellite usually exhibits eye visible inclusions.   These inclusions help us determine that the gemstone is natural and that its color has not been artificially enhanced.

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The top of the ring is 1.13" in length and 0.95" wide.   The ring size is currently 7.75 and could be easily resized to fit any finger.

The rubellite tourmaline weighs approximately 35 carats and measures approximately 25.5 mm long by 18.0 mm wide and 10.2mm deep.

The 28 diamonds weigh approximately 2.0 carats.   The color and clarity grades of the diamonds are noted above.

Note:  The above weights and measurements are approximate because the gemstones are set.

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