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Victorian Slide Bracelet with Pearls

During the middle Victorian period, gold was more available and less costly due to its discovery in Australia, South Africa and America (remember the '49ers).   This allowed the jewelers of the period to utilize more gold in their designs and to create a heavier, more substantial look in their jewelry.   The antique slide bracelet pictured to the right is a wonderful example of middle Victorian jewelry that features gold in bold, dramatic designs.

The defining element of the bracelet is a box-like, geometric slide decorated with small pearls, black enameled beads and stylized gold flowers.   This bracelet was apparently a Christmas gift in 1870 - the rear of the slide is engraved "C.M.C." and dated "Dec. 25, 1870".

The strap is a mesh-like weave of small gold rondels.   It is 0.625" wide and, because it is a slide bracelet, is adjustable in length.   A size that will fit any wrist!   The strap is decorated with a fringe foxtail-link tassels, several of which are terminated with small gold balls.

Cost:  Sold

Measurements:   This 14kt gold bracelet is 5/8" wide and variable in length.

The Victorians were truly enthralled with eclecticism - the mixing of numerous design motifs, elements and styles.   Even their jewels, like this bracelet, were created with multiple decorative elements often arrayed in several layers.   Flowers were a common motif and often conveyed secret symbolic meanings.   Since flowers carried hidden meanings, the Victorians would create jewels to celebrate special events and incorporate flowers to express a special sentiment.   Often the hidden message was only known to the giver and the wearer.

Victorian Yellow Gold Sllide Bracelet, long view.

Close-up of details of the slide.

A close-up of the slide highlights the intricately crafted flowers set in small circular wells at each of the corners.   Each petal of the flowers is delicately textured and life-like, while rows of small gold beads between the flowers is accented with a touch of black enamel.   In the center of the slide is a small trefoil arrangement of beads surrounded by a circular arrangement of small pearls.

Back of slide with engraving.

The back of the slide is hand engraved with the wearer's initials ("C.M.C."), as well as the date ("Dec. 25, 1870").   Perhaps this was an elegant Christmas gift from a mother, father or lover.   Half the fun of antique jewels is unraveling the mystery of their past.

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