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Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Diamond engagement ring in platinum.

Brilliant Diamonds set in Cool Platinum

A tulip seating is a wonderful way to add a little pizazz to a traditional solitaire engagement ring.   The prongs of this setting (pictured below) are shaped like the leaves of a tulip, hence the name.

Above is pictured a 1.06 carat pear-shape diamond set in a tulip mounting and an all platinum ring.   The diamond is brilliant cut with a GIA color grade of D and VS1 clarity. The handcrafted band is slender with rounded edges and a satin finish that contrasts wonderfully with the dazzling brilliance of the diamond.

Or, if you prefer yellow gold, we also create tulip-set rings with an 18kt yellow gold shank (the "ring" part of the ring) and a tulip setting in platinum.   The choice is yours!

Side view of diamond engagement ring in platinum with tulip setting.
This side-view shows how the unique design our client chose for her engagement ring   She wanted the pear-shape diamond set high above a narrow platinum shank.   But, she was concerned that the ring would be top heavy and turn on her slender finger.   So, we designed the ring with a gently squared bottom.   And...viola the ring does not flop over!   Her beautiful diamond is always facing up and twinkling like a shining star.

When you view the ring from the side, you can see the soft rounding of the band and the gentle upward sweep the mounting.   An important consideration for our client was to be able to comfortably wear her diamond engagement ring with an antique wedding band that she happened to discover in our Antique and Estate Jewelry Gallery.   To meet this need, we had the diamond set with a slightly upward tilt, so that the wedding band would fit flush against her engagement ring.  When viewed from the top the band rest comfortably against the engagement ring and the upward tilt of the mounting is not visible.

Tulip settings are available with four-prong heads for round, square, marquise and oval-shape diamonds; and five-prong heads for pear-shape stones.   This style of ring can be created in any precious metal;   however, we strongly recommend that you choose platinum for the setting, no matter what style or color of the band you desire.   Platinum offers the strength and durability needed to securely hold your precious gemstone for many years to come.

End-view of platinum & diamond engagement ring.

Our philosophy is to create jewelry that is unique, beautiful and will last a lifetime.   Quality in jewelry should be apparent both in the beauty of the design and the artistry of the craftsmanship.

Here's what Kristy, our client, says about her new ring and the fun she had working with us to create it:

Steven and I were looking to design my engagement ring when we came across the Bijoux Extraordinaire web site.   We were impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship displayed there and soon found ourselves talking with Judi.   She walked us through every step of the process from finding the perfect diamond (which we did!) to designing the perfect ring. We had been to other jewelers previously and were amazed at the amount of personal attention we received from Judi; her honesty and patience were especially important to us.   Even during the busy Christmas season Judi went out of her way time and again to meet our budget and time constraints.   We even found my wedding band at an estate show Bijoux Extraordinaire hosted!   We could not possibly be happier with the entire experience and look forward to working with Bijoux Extraordinaire in the future.
Thanks,  Kristy and Steve

Side-view of 18kt gold & diamond engagement ring with wedding band.

A variation on the theme!   This example of a tulip setting was handcrafted with an 18kt yellow gold band, platinum prongs and a matching "fit around" wedding band.   Note the nice snug fit between the engagement ring and the wedding band; this is how all matching engagement rings and bands should fit.

This ring features a 1.0 carat round brilliant-cut diamond set in a four-prong platinum tulip mounting.   From the top, this ring looks like a traditional solitaire engagement ring.   But, from the side you see the special surprise...the four petal-shape prongs that securely hold the engagement diamond to the top of the 18kt yellow gold band.

From the side you can see that the band has a smooth, even thickness throughout its entire circumference.   And, note how the platinum prongs lift up and showcase the diamond while securely holding it to the band.

This particular style of band is called a "flat edge", because the edges of the band are not fully rounded.   If you prefer the more rounded look of the first ring, this ring can be made with a half-round band or even with a full-round band (as shown earlier).   Once again, the choice is yours.

Side-view of 18kt gold & diamond engagement ring.

A more traditional version of a tulip set ring, this classic beauty is sure to pass the test of time.   Take a look at the smaller views below showing the engagement ring and matching wedding band from various angles:

18kt gold & diamond engagement ring with matching wedding band. 18kt gold & diamond engagement ring with matching wedding band. 18kt gold & diamond engagement ring with matching wedding band.

We like the tulip set rings so much that we are going to show you just one more example.   This all platinum example features a dazzling 1.0 carat diamond.

Platinum and diamond engagement ring.

The shank of this ring is thicker than the previous examples, giving the ring a more substantial, weighty look.   The prongs are set in the "star position" (jeweler talk for the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock positions).   Alternatively, you could have your diamond set in what is called the "square position" with the prongs set at 1:30, 4:30, 7:30 and 10:30.   However, we feel that the star formation shows the tulip setting to its best advantage.  But, of course, the choice is yours!

When you create a custom jewel, it should be just the way you want it!

Side-view of platinum and diamond engagement ring.

Also, note that your diamond (or other gemstone) is best set at the height shown above.   You do not want the diamond to be set too high above the band, where it will be unprotected and exposed to excessive wear.   But, the gemstone needs to be set high enough to allow a smooth fit with a matching wedding band.

Inside view of platinum and diamond engagement ring.

When you examine the inside of this ring, you see a beautiful, smooth finish and a symmetrical, even cut-out directly beneath the diamond and prongs.   Both signs of a master craftsman.

As always, a fine jewel is finished as nicely on the inside as it is on the outside.   The best goldsmiths and platinum smiths take great pride in their work:  they want the artistry of their creations to be evident from all directions.

Here is a  tulip-set engagement ring  featuring a  0.40 carat diamond ....

18kt gold tulip-set engagement ring with solitaire diamond.

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