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Millennium Diamonds - Make Your Own!

By  Judith Anderson  GG, CGA

Millennium diamonds!  Millennium jewelry!  The jewelry industry is quickly gearing up to offer you jewelry and gemstones celebrating the coming of the new millennium.  And, why not?  It is being billed as  "the biggest party the world has ever seen," that magical moment when the clocks roll forward and we begin the year 2000.

Engraved platinum engagement ring with diamonds.

A beautiful diamond or jewel is a wonderful way to celebrate any special event.  But,  as always,  you need to be a savvy,  wary jewelry consumer.  When making a millennium purchase,  don't let your enthusiasm for the moment cloud your jewelry buying judgement.

Take millennium diamonds for example.  When purchasing a diamond for the millennium or any other event,  you need honest answers to several important questions:

Platinum and yellow gold diamond ring.
  1. What is the quality of the diamond?  What are the gem's cut,  color and clarity?  Are they indicative of high quality?

  2. Is the cost of the diamond fair?  Given the size and quality grades,  does the diamond's price represent a good value for the consumer?

Without honest answers to these questions,  you can't make an informed decision about the diamond you hope to purchase.  Often the wisest course is to seek the advice of an independent diamond expert to act on your behalf.  Remember,  just because a retail jeweler or diamond broker calls a diamond a "millennium diamond" doesn't mean that the diamond is of high quality or fairly priced.

To help you celebrate the new millennium,  Bijoux Extraordinaire is offering a special service we call "Make Your Own Millennium Diamond".  Our goal is to help you purchase a diamond at a fair price,  while avoiding gemstones of low quality.  Here's how it works .....
Platinum and diamond engagement ring.

1.  First,  our gemologist (a diamond expert) will help you decide upon the size and quality of the diamond that you wish to purchase.  Then,  we will act on your behalf to locate 3 or 4 diamonds in the wholesale market that meet your criteria.  Because we are acting as your diamond experts,  you will be able to select a diamond which offers you the high quality and value at a low cost.  For this service we charge a set fee.

2.  We will provide you with a detailed appraisal and lab report to document your diamond.  Because we neither own nor have a financial interest in the diamond you purchase,  we can provide you with an independent,  unbiased assessment of the diamonds you consider.
Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring

3.  Finally,  we can laser inscribe the girdle of your diamond with a personal message you compose.  Many of the millennium diamonds being offered have been inscribed with a microscopic company logo,  name or serial number.  We can also do this for you.  But,  rather than laser inscribe a company's name or logo ("XYZ Diamond Corp. #12345" doesn't sound too romantic!),  we will inscribe your diamond with your own personal message.  This is a wonderful way to make the diamond a truly personal jewel that is forever.

By making your own millennium diamond with the help of Bijoux Extraordinaire,  you will save money and be assured that your stone is of the quality and beauty you desire.  Our set fee is significantly below most retail mark-ups,  so you will be able to start the new millennium with a few extra dollars in your bank account.  In addition,  we will be working as your diamond expert,  so you will be protected from the shenanigans and misrepresentations that can occur in the retail diamond market.

Yellow Gold Dome Ring with Diamonds

So,  if you would like to celebrate the new millennium with a new diamond or special piece of jewelry,  please gives us a call (603 624-8672) or send us an  e-mail.  Or,  you may want to learn about our  diamond brokering  service.

Bijoux Extraordinaire is group of independent jewelry experts working for the jewelry consumer.  Among the services we offer are custom jewelry design,  diamond and gemstone brokering,  jewelry appraisals,  and antique and estate jewelry.  Please visit our  Jewelry Galleries  featuring many beautiful contemporary and antique jewels and browse our extensive  library  of jewelry and gemstone related articles.

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