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Fiery Orange Rhodochrosite

Fiery orange barion-cut rhodochrosite weighing 4.61 carats. (J2086)

Barion-cut Rhodochrosite

Gemologist's Notes:
The color of this Rhodochrosite is mesmerizing  -  a vibrant reddish Orange akin to a fiery August sunset.  The rough crystal was masterfully cut by one of our favorite cutters.  The combination of masterful cutting and mesmerizing color creates a vibrant gemstone that appears to be lit from within.

Rhodochrosite is a softer gemstone with a hardness of  3.5 to 4.0 on the Moh's hardness scale.  This crystal was mined in South Africa.  Rhodochrosite crystallizes in the Trigonal system and often occurs in rhombohedron shapes,  but can also be found in botryoidal, stalactic and modular forms.


Weight: 4.61 carats

Measurements:  9.90 mm long  x  8.35 mm wide  x  7.08 mm deep

Cut Style: Barion cut

Color: reddish Orange hue
medium tone
strong saturation

Cost: Although this gemstone has sold,  you will find many more beautiful gemstones in the Gemstone Gallery.

Designer's Notes:
This beautiful Rhodochrosite is a true collector's gem!  Because of its relative softness (3.5 - 4.0 Mohs),  we would not recommend setting this gemstone in a jewel.

We are passionate about beautiful and masterfully cut gemstones ...

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