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Hand Engraved Engagement Ring with
Platinum and Diamonds

Hand engraved platinum ring with diamonds.

Engraved Elegance!

The cool elegance of diamonds set in hand-engraved platinum is captured in this custom-designed engagement ring.  A brilliant  0.90-carat round diamond is accented with two trilliant-cut diamonds.  This elegant platinum ring was hand made using the finest of gems and uncompromising craftsmanship.

The round diamond is neatly complemented by the two trilliant-cut diamonds.  We specially selected the trilliant diamonds so that they would fit just under the center diamond and create a smooth,  even transition from the top of the center stone to the outer tips of the trilliants.  When creating a three stone ring,  you want to make sure that there are no awkward breaks or ugly gaps between the center and the side gemstones.

Side-view of engraved platinum ring with diamonds.

What first strikes you about this ring is the overall beauty of the design.   Then,  as you examine the ring more closely,  you recognize our platinum smith's uncompromising commitment to quality and the artistry of the engraved details.

In particular,  note how vivid and crisp the engraving is and the delicate line of mill graining that accents the edge of the ring.

In this side-view you can also see how snugly the center and side diamonds have been set together.   The effect is almost like sparkling water cascading down a water fall.

Finally,  note how the diamonds elegantly transition into the engraved platinum of the side of the ring

The careful positioning of the gemstones in this ring is one of the hallmarks of quality in fine jewelry.   When we create a ring we insist on a nice smooth layout of the gemstones so that they flow gracefully across the top of the ring.   The prongs must be perfectly shaped to securely hold the gemstones,  while creating a dynamic line from the center stone to the side of the ring.

side view of platinum diamond ring.

The above photograph offers a good view of the hand-built prongs that securely hold the gemstones.   Note,  the sturdiness and finished quality of the prongs.   The platinum smith did a wonderful job of incorporating the prongs into the design, so that they add to the ring's beauty, rather than detracting from it!   Also,  the prongs were slightly tiered to achieve the tight layout of the diamonds and a perfect look from above.

In an inferior ring, the prongs are often boxy and unattractive in appearance:  often the settings are mass produced castings or assembled from inexpensive pre-made components.   Well-made, hand crafted rings have beautifully executed prongs that are graceful and perfectly positioned.....not boxy or stagnant.   The prongs are often slightly tapered and angled to create a dynamic,  flowing look.

Inside view of engraved platinum ring with diamonds.

Like all fine jewelry, the underside of this ring is as nicely finished as the top.   Note the smooth polished surface along the inside of the ring, as well as the clean, symmetrical cut-outs beneath the gemstones.

The above photographs also show the beautiful richness of the hand-engraved pattern that flows along the outer edges of the ring.   This ring is completely hand engraved.  If you would like to see an example of a ring that is cast engraved and then hand finished, please visit the  platinum ring with a lavender spinel  that we made for a very special client.

Inside view of engraved platinum ring with diamonds.

To complement the above engagement ring,  we custom created a curved fit-around wedding band.  The wedding band showcases five channel set diamonds and snugly curves along the side of the engagement ring.

Like the engagement ring,  the wedding band is hand crafted in platinum and richly hand engraved.

To learn more about the engagement ring and the custom-fit wedding band,  please give us a call:  (603) 624-8672 or  send us an email.

Name:  Engraved Elegance!


This beautiful ring can be made with any size,  shape or color of gemstone that you chose.  Also,  the design and precious metals (platinum, gold or a combination of the two metals)  can be varied to meet your taste.  We've created a wonderful example of this ring set with a  beautiful blue tanzanite.   The cost of the ring will depend on the size and quality of the gemstones,  the precious metals chosen and the final design.   Please call for a quote:  (603) 624-8672 or  send us an email.


In the ring pictured above, the center diamond weighs 0.90 carats and measures 6.3 millimeters in diameter.  The two trilliant-cut diamonds weigh 0.34 carats in total and measure 4.0 millimeters.   We choose trilliant diamonds with E color and VS clarity grades, to match the center stone.

We can work with you to find just the right center and side stones.   For more information on how we help consumers acquire diamonds and other precious gemstones,  please check out our  diamond brokering service.

We can custom create this design in a variety of precious metals and gemstones.  Cool platinum works well with gems like sapphire and tanzanite,  while 18kt yellow gold with platinum prongs is well suited for for warmer colored gems like emerald,  tsavorite garnet and tourmaline.  And,  of course,  diamonds go well with everything!

Here are a few more examples of hand-engraved rings that we recently created .....

Hand-engraved 18kt gold ring with tsavorite garnet and diamonds.Sapphire and trilliant diamond platinum hand engraved ring.Trilliant diamond set in hand-engraved platinum ring.

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