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Fancy Yellow Radiant-cut Diamond
in Engraved Platinum Ring

Yellow radiant-cut diamond with kite-shape diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Radiant Synergy

An eminent engineer and an imaginative mathematician wanted to create an elegant engagement ring.  They asked us to help them acquire a beautiful yellow diamond and create an engraved custom ring with sparkling side diamonds.  Working with an engineer and a mathematician we wanted make sure the whole (the finished ring) was greater than the sum of the parts.  The result is seen above!

Yellow radiant-cut diamond with trilliant diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

The couple selected a Fancy Yellow radiant-cut diamond weighing just under four carats.  We securely set it in an 18kt yellow gold, double-prong head with engraved and milgrained sides.  To complement the brilliance of the center diamond we set two sparkling kite-shape diamonds as side stones.

The surfaces of the ring are richly hand engraved with flowing scrolls and flowers.  For an added surprise we bead set two Fancy Intense Yellow diamonds in small engraved flowers on the sides of the band.  The ring is hand crafted and hand engraved in platinum and 18kt gold.

Side view of platinum anniversary ring with a fancy yellow diamond.

Swirling scrolls flow gracefully along the circumference of the ring like waves gently rolling across an ocean.  The edges of the ring and settings have been milgrained to create a small bead-like border.  Hand engraving a ring like this requires an artist's eye for detail,  a steady hand and several days on the jeweler's bench.

Inside view of engraved custom ring with a yellow radiant-cut diamond and trilliants.

Viewing the inside,  you can see the symmetry of the design and the care with which the ring was hand crafted.  The underside of the ring is smoothly finished with crisp symmetrical edges and a beautiful polish.  Note the thickness of the band throughout its circumference.  All signs of a master craftsman who took great care and pride in his work.

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark.

All fine jewelry should be signed by its maker and marked with the purity of the precious metals.  Here you can see our registered hallmark ("BEL") and the precious metal marks for platinum and 18kt gold.

Yellow radiant-cut diamond with trilliant diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Name:  Radiant Synergy

Cost: This platinum and gold ring was custom created for a special couple.  We would love to create a ring in this style for you with the gemstones,  precious metals and design elements of your choice.  A variety of gemstones, shapes and colors can be considered for the center and side stones.

To discuss design options,  gemstones and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.


The Fancy Yellow diamond is a radiant cut.  It weighs just under four carats and has VVS clarity.  The two kite-shape diamonds weigh a total of one carat and are F color with SI1 clarity.

Finding the Right Diamond

The first step in creating this ring was helping the couple find the right diamond.  We acted as their diamond broker and contacted diamond cutters from around the world.  From the many diamonds we reviewed we selected the "best of the best".... the four diamonds shown below.

Line up of four fancy yellow diamonds.

From this dazzling line-up of radiant-cut yellow diamonds,  our clients chose the second diamond from the right.  A beautifully cut stone that glows with a vibrant yellow color.  It was perfect for the design of their ring.

When considering a colored diamond or fine gemstone,  it is important to examine a range of gemstones and to line them up and compare the gems first hand.  This is the only way to evaluate the subtle variations in color, cut and brilliance that will help determine which of the gems is truly  "the best of the best."

To learn more about our diamond brokering service,  please visit  Working with a Diamond Broker.

We also hand crafted a  pair of wedding bands for the couple  featuring
engraved flowers and scrolls set with vivid yellow diamonds.

Hand engraved platinum bands set with yellow diamonds.

One of our specialties is creating beautiful rings with fancy color diamonds.
Here are a few of our recent creations ...

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring.Trilliant yellow diamond set in a hand-engraved platinum ring.Asscher-cut diamond set with two Fancy Pink diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.

To learn more about  fancy color diamonds,  please visit the Bijoux Library.

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