Art Deco Equestrian Brooch

AJ Hedges horse and crop brooch. (BR9635)

Horse and Riding Crop

A classic equestrian brooch with a horse in profile and a finely rendered riding crop. The horse is beautifully limned in the Art Deco manner with a small red gemstone (likely a ruby or pink sapphire) set as its eye. The riding crop is finely detailed with blue and white bands of enamel next to the handle, perhaps the colors of the stable frequented by the brooch's original owner. This elegant jewel was created by A.J. and Hedges & Co. in 14kt gold circa 1925.

AJ Hedges horse and crop brooch. (BR9635)

From the mid-Victorian period (circa 1860) through the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s, equestrian and hunt-related jewelry was a must for fashionable horsewomen and men.  The dramatic lines and rich, fine details of this gold brooch suggest it was created during the later Art Deco era.

AJ Hedges horse and crop brooch. (BR9635)

The reverse of this brooch is as finely crafted as the front. The back of the solid gold horse's head is smoothly finished and the edges crisply defined. The pin stem is attached with a sturdy hinge and early safety clasp.

AJ Hedges horse and crop brooch. (BR9635)

The top of the clasp is stamped with the maker's mark of A.J. Hedges & Co. (an "H" with "14" above and a "K" below the cross bar). A.J. Hedges was a maker of fine brooches. stickpins and other jewels during the late Victorian period and early 20th century. The firm was known for creating finely detailed jewels with elegant enamel accents.  

Name:  Horse and Riding Crop

Cost:  $565

Measurements:  This 14kt gold brooch is just over 2 1/2" wide and 1/2" tall. It weighs 5.6 grams. The horse's head measures just over 1/2" tall by just under 5/8" wide.

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