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Opal and Moonstone Reverso Necklace

Opal and Moonstone 18kt yellow gold reverso slide necklace (J3864)

Opal and Moonstone Reverso Necklace

A Kaleidoscopic array of colors are sure to dazzle with this lovely opal inlay slide necklace.  Oval opal inlay is the focal point of this 18kt yellow gold slide with a nautilus and leaf motif.  The opal has a wonderful arrangement of lush greens, blues and violets.

The opal is a beautiful necklace to complement your more colorful outfits and casual attire.  The pendant neatly slides along this slinky platinum round omega wire choker and sits beautifully on the neck with grace and ease.  The platinum wire choker has a hidden slide tubular clasp mechanism that is easy to use while offering a smooth look, blending in with the overall shape and design of the choker.

Opal and Moonstone 18kt yellow gold reverso slide necklace (J3864)

If you prefer something a little more sophisticated, turn the slide around and Voilá you see a lovely oval Moonstone with a blue sheen and irridescence that emits a soft, billowy light. The blue moonstone is the perfect accessory for an elegant evening dress or cocktail party outfit.

It shimmers and gleams as you move about....the soft billowy light follows your every step.

Opal and Moonstone 18kt yellow gold reverso slide necklace (J3864)

This view shows the simple opening on the ends of the slide pendant forming a sort of tunnel through which you can slide a round wire choker. You can also see here the puffed shape of the slide pendant that mirrors the soft shape of the oval opal and moonstone.

Opal and Moonstone 18kt yellow gold reverso slide necklace (J3864)

At the base of the slide is a cluster of three small round beads creating a tapered look to the pendant while balancing the appearance of the nautilus and leaf elements.

The soft billowy sheen of the moonstone is further complemented by the crisp cool white of the platinum round wire choker.

Versatile,   colorful,   elegant,   sophisticated and fun ....take your pick.   This slide necklace has it all !  The perfect complement to your warddrobe...from the office, to an evening out on the town and even for lounging around in your favorite jeans and casual top.

Name:  Opal and Moonstone Reverso Necklace


Although this striking pendant has sold,  we may be able to special order a matching set for you.  Please inquire.

The slide pendant measures approximately 7/16 inch wide and weighs 3.1 grams.  The platinum wire choker measures 1.1 millimeters gauge by 16 inches long and weighs 3.4 grams.

If you would like to add this stunning and versatile necklace to your warddrobe,   Please give us a call  (603 624-8672) or send us an email.

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