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Necklace Gallery

Custom amethyst and diamond pendant.

Since the days of ancient civilizations, Necklaces have been an integral part of jewelry design.  Necklaces date back to the Stone Age (approximately 40,000 years ago) when people decorated themselves with mollusk necklaces.

Necklace design evolved into those being made of stones, bones, shells and animal teeth.  With the discovery of metals, we saw the advance of necklaces designed with gold, silver, bronze and iron. Throughout history, advancement in fabricating techniques and metallurgy allowed more unusual designs with unique metals and gems.

At Bijoux Extraordinaire we continue the tradition of creating unique and innovative designs for the neck, whether it is a drop style pendant, a sliding neckpiece or a heavy necklace. The options and combinations are limited only by the imagination !   In this Gallery we feature some of our favorite necklace and pendant designs.
Titania drusy 18kt yellow gold pendant with amethyst and blue-green tourmalines (J5026)

Custom platinum and 22kt yellow gold pendant with Tsavorite Garnet and Tourmaline.
Most of the designs shown here are Bijoux originals,  however we have also included a few others that were created by designers and goldsmiths with whom we collaborate.  As you view the necklaces in the Gallery,  keep in mind that many of the designs can be custom created with a variety of gemstones and precious metals.

Necklaces are a versatile jewel,   allowing our designers a blank canvas from which to create an almost limitless variety of forms,  patterns and designs.  We like to refer to these jewels as Great Neckings ! .

If you have any questions about the necklaces and pendants showcased below or would like to create a custom necklace,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

18kt gold and platinum pendant with rubellite and blue-green tourmalines.

Crossroads Pendant!  Shimmering crystallized gold and brightly polished platinum create a striking contrast in this handcrafted pendant.  A fiery rubellite tourmaline and three blue-green tourmalines add a dash of color.

Cost:  $4,250

Renaissance Revival!  A richly colored radiant-cut garnet,  a vibrant purple sapphire and three sparkling diamonds grace this striking pendant inspired by the jewels of the 1500s.  The pendant was hand created in 18kt gold and platinum with the care and artistry of the master goldsmiths of the Renaissance era.

Cost:  Sold

18kt gold pendant featuring holly chalcedony, rutilated quartz and tsavorite garnets.

Hathor Pendant!  Holly Chalcedony, Rutilated Quartz and Tsavorite Garnets are featured in this pendant creating a harmony of light purple, bright green and golden hues.  The pendant is crafted in 18kt gold.

Cost:  $1,585

18kt brooch with custom carved onyx cameo of horse. (J3763)

Onyx Horse Cameo  Equestrians will fancy this  custom carved onyx cameo of a handsome horse set in an 18kt
yellow gold brooch/pendant.  If you own a horse or just love horses, this pin/pendant is perfect for you.  Cost: $2,685

18kt Yellow Gold Opal and Moonstone Slide Pendant (J3864)

Opal and Moonstone Reverso Slide Pendant   Versatile Opal Inlay and Moonstone Reverso Slide Pendant crafted in 18kt yellow gold with nautilus motif.  Shown with a platinum round wire omega choker.
Cost:  $2,175

Custom platinum pendant featuring a beautiful Sapphire and an Asscher-cut Diamond.

Art Deco Sapphire!  Elegant shapes and simple lines were a hallmark of Art Deco Design.  We took inspiration from the jewels of the 1920s and '30s in designing this custom Sapphire pendant for a client.

Custom Designed  (please inquire)

Custom amethyst and diamond pendant.

Star Gazer Pendant!  A handcrafted pendant featuring a magnificent round Amethyst Torus set with a small round Demantoid Garnet in the center.  The Amethyst is held in an 18kt yellow gold bezel and a star-like platinum frame.  At each corner we set a round brilliant diamond.

Custom Designed  (please inquire)

Diamond and platinum necklace.

Diamond Riviere Necklace!  A spectacular platinum necklace featuring  34 large diamonds and  34 smaller ones.  You better wear your sunglasses when you view this dazzling jewel!
Custom Designed  (please inquire)

Custom platinum and 22kt yellow gold pendant with Tsavorite Garnet and Tourmaline.

Yin Yang!  Sweeping paisley shaped elements in platinum and 22 kt yellow gold form the body of this striking pendant design.  We took inspiration from Ancient Chinese Philosophy in designing this custom pendant for a client.

Custom Designed  (please inquire)

Custom designed cushion diamond pendant.

Violet Voila!  The classic elegance of a cushion-shape diamond cradled in the mirror-like brilliance of platinum.  In creating this custom pendant we wedded the classic shape of the cushion-cut diamond with a modern design to create an elegant, timeless jewel.  Then, we added a little surprise!

Trillium benitoite pendant accented with with four diamonds.

Benitoite Elegance Pendant! A fancy trillium-cut Benitoite is featured in a handcrafted platinum pendant.  The pendant is accented with four small diamonds and beautifully hand engraved with a dramatic chevron pattern.

Custom Designed  (please inquire)

A striking platinum pendant with a lavender spinel.

Lavender Spinel Pendant   A striking platinum pendant featuring a 3.2-carat barion-cut lavender spinel.  The bail and sides of the pendant are hand engraved and three small brilliant-cut diamonds are secreted in the cross rungs.

Custom Designed  (please inquire)

18kt gold necklace with Mandarin garnets.

Mandarin Magic!  A simple,  but classic necklace design that sparkles with ten vibrant Mandarin garnets set in gold bezels along an omega-wire choker.
Custom Designed  (please inquire)

Titania drusy 18kt yellow gold pendant with amethyst and blue-green tourmalines (J5026)

Mysteries of the Sphinx A dramatic and colorful Titania coated drusy is the focal point in this handcrafted Mysteries of the Sphinx pendant.  Vibrant hues of purple, magenta and teal abound in this dazzler.

Custom Designed  (please inquire)

Striking 18kt gold pendant with rainbow hematite.

Mysteries of the Sphinx II!  The grandeur of the Pyramids inspired the creation this pendant/slide with its allusions to ancient Egypt.   Featuring a shimmering Rainbow Hematite with deep magentas, greens and violets,  this jewel is meticulously handcrafted in 18kt yellow gold.   On top, in the position of the all seeing sun (Ra),  is a bezel-set Amethyst surrounded by Neon Blue Apatites set in flames of gold.   A must for your next cocktail party at King Tut's Palace.

Custom Designed  (please inquire)

Rainbow Hematite pendant with an Iolite drop crafted in 18kt gold.

Deco Hematite Pendant!  A glistening spectrum of colors is the focal point of this striking pendant.  The featured gemstone is a Rainbow Hematite set in warm 18kt gold.

Custom Designed  (please inquire)

Customer Service

How We Do Business - This section describes how we do business and covers such important topics as payment terms, return policy and shipping.   If you consider purchasing one of the jewels in the Gallery, we recommend that you review this section.

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