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Art Deco Scottie Cufflinks

Art Deco Scottish terrier cufflinks. (J9411)

Scottish Terriers!

Nobly playful Scottish terriers stand before the iconic rays of Art Deco sun bursts.  The finely detailed pooch is framed in black and gold borders.  A striking example of Art Deco design and the enamelist's art.  Crafted in 14kt gold with guilloche enameling,  circa 1930.

Guilloche enameling is a wonderful technique in which a metallic surface, in this case gold, is engraved with an intricate pattern (sun bursts and Scotties) and then covered with translucent enamel.  The color of the enamel pools in the deeper recesses of the engraving and throws the design into dramatic, shimmering relief.

Art Deco Scottish terrier cufflinks. (J9411)

The backs of these cufflinks are solidly crafted in 14kt gold and closed to protect the fine enamel work.  Sturdy cross bars and brackets secure the cufflinks on the cuff.  The backs are stamped "14K" for the purity of the gold.  The makers of these cufflinks took as much care and time in crafting the backs as they did the fronts.

Art Deco Scottish terrier cufflinks. (J9411)
Name:  Scottish Terriers

Cost:  $945

Measurements:  These 14kt gold and enamel cufflinks are 9/16" in diameter and weigh a total of  7.8 grams.

Reference:  To learn more about guilloche enameling please visit  Art of the Enameler - Guilloche Cufflinks".

Art Deco Dogs

The Art Deco era was in love with dogs.  From borzois to French bulldogs, greyhounds to dachshunds, four-legged friends were all favored companions of two-legged swells and sophisticates.  But by the 1930s the preeminent pooch was the Scottish terrier.  Popularized  by power couples like Corky and Shirley Temple,  MacTavish and Bette Davis, and, later, Fala and the Roosevelts, Scotties became icons of the era.  They were celebrated in the fine jewels, decorative accessories and ordinary objects of the day.


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