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Vivid Yellow Emerald-Cut Diamond
Engagement Ring

Vivid yellow emerald-cut diamond in a custom platinum ring.


A Vivid Yellow square emerald-cut diamond is accented with two cool white trapezoid-cut diamonds.  The elegant geometry of these step-cut diamonds is captivating.  The ring is hand crafted in platinum with the Vivid Yellow diamond set in 18kt gold prongs.

Finding a Vivid Yellow square emerald-cut diamond can be a challenge.  Our client first worked with several jewelers in the Washington, DC area,  but had no luck.  She then contacted us to see if we could locate the right diamond for her.  We contacted over 10 different diamond cutters and reviewed over 80 stones,  before selecting 6 diamonds that met her criteria.  She,  her husband and two vivacious, small dogs then drove up from Washington to make the final selection.  She truly chose the best from the best!

Side view of vivid yellow emerald-cut diamond ring.

The ring was designed to showcase the beauty of the diamonds.  The band of the ring has a rounded profile and shoulders that narrow as they rise to meet the trapezoid-cut diamonds.  (By the way,  if saying "trapezoid-cut diamond" seems like a mouthful,  you can shorten it to "trap-cut" and sound like a jeweler.)

Vivid yellow emerald-cut diamond ring with contoured band.

This ring is a replacement for an engagement ring that was lost in a burglary.  So,  naturally a complementing wedding band is needed.  The design we developed with our client is a platinum band with six small brilliant-cut yellow diamonds channel set across the top.

Contoured band with six small yellow diamonds.

The band is contoured so that it fits snuggly against the ring.  The six yellow diamonds set in the wedding band beautifully match the emerald-cut diamond in the engagement ring.  Each of these rings has a unique personality,  but they nicely complement each other.

Inside view of vivid yellow emerald-cut diamond ring.

Beautiful gemstones deserve to be set in beautifully crafted jewels.  This inside view of the ring shows the care with which our platinum smith worked.  All the inner surfaces are beautifully polished and the edges crisp and even.  The cut-outs beneath each diamond,  known as á jouré,  are symmetrical and perfectly positioned.  Our philosophy is that a fine jewel should be as well crafted on the underside as it is on the top.

Close up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark, 'BEL', and the platinum metal mark, 'PLAT'.

All of our custom rings proudly display our registered hallmark and the quality of the precious metals.  This photo shows our hallmark ("BEL") and the platinum mark ("PLAT") stamped on the inner wall of the band.  These marks are your assurance of superior quality,  craftsmanship and design.

Side-by-side view of vivid yellow emerald-cut diamond ring and contoured band.

Name: Vivid!


This beautiful diamond ring was custom created for a special client.  We would love to work with you to create a similar ring using the gemstones of your choice.   Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones, design options and costs.

The emerald-cut yellow diamond weighs just over  1 1/4 carats and was graded Fancy Vivid Yellow with VS clarity by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  The six smaller diamonds set in the band are also Fancy Vivid Yellow.  Each of the smaller diamonds measures approximately  1.7 millimeters in diameter.

Creating beautiful custom rings with fancy color diamonds is one of our specialties. Here are a few more rings we recently created ....

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