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Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Platinum and Yellow Gold diamond and sapphire engagement ring Bijoux Extraordinaire Custom Designed Jewelry

Sapphires and Ice!

The elegance of a classic design.   This beautiful engagement ring features a spectacular brilliant-cut diamond accented by two azure blue trillium-cut sapphires, all set in 18kt yellow gold with platinum prongs.

Viewing the ring from the top emphasizes the crisp contrast between the sparkling white diamond and the rich blue sapphires.   Note the relative sizes of the center diamond and the two sapphires.  They are just right, creating a wonderful tapered line from the center of the ring towards the sides of your finger.

The diamond is set just slightly above the sapphires to create a nice tight pattern with no awkward gaps between the gemstones.  Setting the diamond slightly above the sapphires also allows the ring to gracefully follow the natural curve of your finger.   A less skilled jeweler would have set the gemstones all at the same level, leaving unsightly gaps and creating a ring with a boxy, flat-top appearance.

Cost: The cost of this custom-made ring will depend upon the size and quality of the gemstones used, as well as the precious metals chosen.  Please call for a quote (603 624-8672).


Here we show this ring with a round brilliant-cut diamond weighing 1.02 carats and two trillium-cut sapphires.  The diamond has a G color grade, SI1 clarity, and very fine proportions.   This beautiful ring can be custom-made with the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.

Platinum, Yellow Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Ring - 3/4 view
A nice feature of the design is the "V" prong protecting the outer point of the trillium-cut side stones.  Note how the prong blends smoothly into the shank.   This view also shows how the diamond is set slightly higher than the sapphires.   The prongs for each of the gems are perfectly aligned and beautifully matched in shape and thickness.

You can also see from this angle that the stones are set to follow the natural contour of your finger. Remember, your finger is a curved cylindrical shape. A ring must follow this natural curve in order to fit well and look its best!

The inside view of this ring shows just what a well made ring should look like!   Note, the nice smooth seams (nearly invisible) between the gold ring and platinum prongs: and, the crisp, smooth cut-outs along the undersides of the heads that securely hold the gemstones.   Often, less conscientious jewelers do not finish the underside of a ring.   Unfortunately, we often see poorly made rings where the cut-outs and prong work are jagged and unsymmetrical.   Yuk!!!

When you are buying a piece of jewelry always turn it over and examine the underside, as well as the inside.   In better quality jewelry, the underside of a piece should be as well finished as the top.

Inside view of diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

When examining a ring, always pay close attention to the thickness of the band, also known as the "shank".   The band of the ring showcased here has a nice thick gauge that will assure many years of beauty and wear.   In our appraisal work we often see rings with bands that are very thin and will wear out in no time at all.  That is no way to make a piece of jewelry!

Platinum, yellow gold, diamond and sapphire ring side view.

The above side-view shows the nearly invisible seam between gold and platinum.....a true sign of quality craftsmanship!   Also note the even and consistent shape and thickness of the prongs and band.

Platinum and Yellow Gold Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Bijoux Extraordinaire Custom Designed Jewelry

The above three-quarter view of the ring shows the tight configuration of the gemstones - no gaps just like we promised!!   When buying a three-stone ring it is important to make sure that there are no unsightly separations between the gemstones.   You should never compromise on the quality of a mounting....especially if the ring is to hold diamonds and other expensive gems.

When you create a custom designed ring,  you have a number of choices to make.  The ring can be crafted in a variety of precious metals including yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.  Here we have shown the ring in 18kt yellow gold with platinum prongs.  The ring can also be crafted in all platinum, all yellow gold, all rose gold or any combination of these precious metals.   Further, each of these precious metals can be finished in a variety of textures - bright polished, satin or florentine.  The choices are yours!

We can help you acquire the diamonds and colored gemstones you desire.   Among the choices are diamonds in various shapes and sizes, sapphires, rubies emeralds, tanzanites and much, much more.

If you would like our help in selecting and acquiring fine gemstones, please inquire about our diamond and gemstone brokering services. Also, you may want to visit the Bijoux Reading Room where you will find many informative articles about diamond brokering, custom design jewelry and colored gemstones.

At Bijoux Extraordinaire our philosophy is to help you create jewelry of the highest quality and value.   Your goal should be to acquire jewels that will be beautiful and striking even after several generations of enjoyment.   Your jewelry should become the heirlooms of tomorrow!

Creating beautiful rings with sapphires and diamonds is one of our specialties.
Here are a few more of our recent creations ....

Platinum sapphire ring with two hidden diamonds and 18kt gold accents.Emerald-cut sapphire and diamond ring in platinum.Trillium sapphire and diamond custom platinum ring.

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