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Victorian 18kt Gold Enamel Watch

Victorian 18kt gold enamel watch.

This is one of the best!

This beautiful enameled hunter case pendant watch features a wonderful bouquet of colorful flowers surrounded by half bead pearls set in a scalloped rim amidst a rich blue enameled backfield, sprinkled with gold leaves and vines.  The case is 18kt yellow gold and the enamel is in mint condition.  It is not often that you find enameled watches in such fine condition,  especially when they are well over 150 years old.  We should all look so good after a century and a half!

Also note the wonderfully chased and engraved bail.  The golden textures of the bail add contrast to the finely polished and smooths surface of the colorful enamels.

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Reverse side of enameled watch.

The flip side of this watch is also a lovely polychromatic enameled spray of flowers on the same rich blue enameled field as the front of this beautiful watch.   Of notable mention are the gold fan-like finials at the twelve and six o'clock positions as well as the gold beaded design around the flowers.

double view of enameled watch cases.

A view of this watch case in the open position shows a uniformly chased and engraved bezel and further displays the incredible attention to detail on both the front and back cases as well as the bezel and edge. As we have mentioned throughout our web site, when examining a piece of jewelry, you should inspect it from as many angles as possible.   True quality is always apparent from every angle. And this photo surely proves that this watch is the epitome of superior craftsmanship and design.

dial of enameled watch.

A view of the dial shows that it is in excellent condition. Older pendant and pocket watches often have dials with crazing (hairline cracks) that lower the value. Our enameled watch has a dial in absolutely mint condition....not a crack anywhere to be found. There is also a subsidiary sweep second dial at the six o'clock position.

movement of enameled watch.

The movement of this watch is a key wind, key set cylinder escapement.  When examining a watch movement,  be sure not to touch the movement as the oils from your fingers can affect the workings of the watch.

dust cover of enameled watch.

Better watches also have a dust cover to protect the movement while winding and setting the time.   Here you can see dust cover with the holes for the keys as well as an arrow indicating the direction to wind.   The dust cover is hand engraved Moulinie nine Geveve hands No. 25197 Cylinder escapement 8 holes jewelled.

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