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Edwardian Enamel Pendant Watch

Edwardian pendant watch in purple enamel.

Purple Passion!

Rich purple has long been the color of royalty.  But you do not have to be of royal lineage to appreciate this beautiful Edwardian pendant watch.  Crafted in  14kt gold, this watch features rich purple guilloche enamel with a Maltese cross design.  The purple enamel is outlined with a crisp band of white enamel. Created by the watchmakers Haas in Switzerland and retailed by Black, Starr and Frost,  this watch is a wonderful example of the elegant jewelry from the first two decades of this century.

The pendant watch is complemented by a  14kt gold  "Y"  necklace with  "paper clip"  links and nine elongated baton links decorated with purple guilloche and white enamel.   The chain measures  20"  in length and suspends the watch from an enameled swivel hook.

Cost:  Sold

Measurements:   This Edwardian watch measures  1.125 inches in diameter and the crown and bail adds  0.375 inches to its height. The watch is just  0.25 inches thick at its widest point.   The matching  14kt gold chain measures  20 inches with a  2.5 inch drop for the watch.

Dial of purple enamel and gold pendant watch.

Above you can see the face of the watch with black Arabic numerals and elegant hands.   Note the touch of purple guilloche enamel on the bezel surrounding the dial, once again outlined by the white enamel border.

Based on the advice of our watch expert, we chose not to have the dial refinished.   Watch collectors and purists prefer high grade watches in untouched condition.   However, if you prefer to have the dial cleaned, this can easily be done to bring back the dial's original silvered appearance.

FUll view of Edwardian pendant watch and chain.

Both the watch case and the movement are marked "Haas".   Haas Neveux was one of the oldest and most respected watch factories in Switzerland, making high grade timepieces and chronometers from 1828 to 1925.   Parts of the movement were manufactured by Le Coultre & Co., who by 1900 were specializing in extremely thin watches.   Le Coultre also manufactured parts for such premier watchmakers as Patek Philippe and Vacheron & Constantin.

The movement has been examined, oiled and cleaned by a master watch maker.   Not only is this pendant watch an extremely beautiful jewel, it is also a high grade, accurate time piece.   What an elegant way to keep time for your next important occasion.

Among the arts of the jeweler, enamel work is one of the most delicate.   The enamel on the watch and the necklace is in excellent condition.  A slight loss of white enamel along the edge of the bail can be seen in the above photographs.   It is rare for such a beautiful and wearable piece of enamel jewelry to survive in such good condition.

If you desire this beautiful pendant watch, you better act quickly.
Beautiful jewelry .... like time .... flies .   Tempus fugit!

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18kt gold enamel pocket watch.Edwardian enamel pendant watch.

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