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Star Sapphire Design Gallery

I love designing with gemstones that have unique personalities, gems that have a special talent or distinctive feature.  Among my favorites are star sapphires with their elegant, mesmerizing
six-ray stars.

Over the years I have been lucky to create a number of striking rings set with star sapphires.  Like every design project, each began with a beautiful gemstone, an imaginative design and a client who wanted to create a special piece.  Here are a few examples ...

Star Sapphire Rings

Plum Star Sapphire set with pave diamonds in a platinum ring.
Purple star sapphire ring hand crafted in platinum.

Plum Stardust

Solitary Purple Star

Sapphire Rings - Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)
Star Sapphire and diamond platinum ring. (J7414)

La Lune
Star Sapphire Tingle

Star sapphire ring with matching custom-fit band crafted in platinum.
Star sapphire and diamond ring hand crafted in platinum.

Solitary Star I

Star Bright

18kt white gold engagement ring with custom-fit wedding band.

Solitary Star II

Solitary Star with Band

More Possible Ring Designs

Star sapphires are elegant, versatile gemstones that can be beautifully showcased in a variety of ring designs.  Here are a few examples to inspire you.  You may also find inspiration in our other jewelry galleries where we feature many more of the rings and other jewels we have created.

Star sapphires are best set in a full bezel rather than prongs or a half bezel.  As you review the the following designs,  imagine any of these rings featuring a beautiful star sapphire in blue, violet or lavender placed in a bezel setting.

Tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.
Concave-faceted sapphire and trilliant diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Tanzanite Tango

Horizontal Blue

Sapphire ring handcrafted in platinum with two hidden diamonds and gold accents. (J8751)
Sapphire and Rose-cut Diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring. (J8702)

Hidden Treasures

Sapphire Halo

Hand-crafted sapphire and diamond platinum ring. (J8596)
Oval Sapphire set with tapered baguette diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring. (J8410)

Sapphire Delight
Sapphire Perfection

Lavender Sapphire set with tapered baguette diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring. (J8527)
Hand engraved platinum ring with a shield-shape Lavender Spinel. (J8710)

Lavender Lumiere

Lavender Scrolls

Custom Sapphire and Diamond ring crafted in 18kt gold and platinum.
Starburst-cut sapphire set with two brilliant diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Winged Sapphire
Starburst Tango

Custom Platinum, 18kt Yellow Gold, Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Ring from Bijoux Extraordinaire, the custom jewelry ring experts

Tangerine Sunset

Tsavoire Faire

Trillium tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.
A gold and platinum ring set with a Trapiche Emerald.  (J7258)

Tanzanite Knockout

Trapiche Emerald

Diamond and sapphire man's wedding band crafted in platinum.
Hand engraved Pysanky ring with diamonds.

The Lenox


18kt gold and platinum pendant with rubellite and blue-green tourmalines.

Crossroads Pendant

I hope you have enjoyed and been inspired by the above sampling of some of  the rings we have created.  If creating a star sapphire ring is in the stars for you.  I would be happy to discuss design options and gemstones.  Please contact me at
603 624-8672  or

                                                                                  Happy designing!

P.S. If you would like to learn about the history and gemology of these beautiful gemstones, you will enjoy reading Sapphires of the Stars in the Bijoux Library.

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