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Antique and Estate Jewelry Archive

Featured in this gallery are beautiful antique and estate jewels that have placed with clients in the past.  We feature beautiful, finely crafted jewels from the 19th and 20th centuries.  The jewels we currently have available for purchase can be found in the Antique and Estate Jewelry Gallery.

Victorian 14kt gold locket with a crane clutching a diamond in its beak. (J8639)

Crane & Diamond  A beautiful Victorian locket featuring a crane and cattails in a marsh setting.  The crane grasps an Old European-cut diamond in its beak.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Platinum Edwardian brooch with comets and diamonds.

Edwardian Comet Brooch  An elegant platinum and diamond brooch inspired by the 1910 appearance of Halley's comet.  Crafted in platinum, circa 1910.

Victorian enamel four-leaf clover brooch with pearls. (J9050)

Clover and Pearls  A beautifully enameled Victorian lucky clover brooch.  The edges of the petals and stem are gold and set with small graduated pearls.  Created by Bippart, Griscom & Osborn in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Victorian Egyptian Revival gold brooch with enamel portrait. (J7411)

Egyptian Revival  An elegant Egyptian Revival brooch with a striking enamel portrait of an Egyptian princess or noble woman accented with eleven rose-cut diamonds.  Created in 18kt gold, circa 1885.

Victorian Celtic Revival gold brooch with Citrine. (J7408)

Celtic Revival!  A Victorian brooch inspired by the ancient Celtic Crosses of the Irish countryside.  The brooch features a rich golden orange Citrine accented with interlaced Celtic designs.  Crafted in 18kt gold, circa 1875.

Renaissance Revival enamel portrait brooch.

Renaissance Revival!  A wonderful Renaissance Revival enamel portrait brooch from the late Victorian period.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1890.

Victorian amethyst and diamond brooch in 15kt gold.

Amethyst Brooch!  A beautifully chased and engraved late Victorian brooch with a rich purple amethyst and sparkling diamonds.  Crafted in 15kt gold,  circa 1890.

Victorian locket with diamonds, pearls and turqouise.

Victorian Elegance!  The Victorians liked a little bit of everything in their jewelry.  This elegant locket is set with over 25 rose-cut diamonds,  a comparable number of seed pearls,  and cabochon-cut turquoise.  For good measure,  the bale is accented with 11 more seed pearls and beautiful ornate gold work.  The locket is crafted in 18kt yellow gold and dates from the mid Victorian period,  circa 1875.

Victorian amethyst ring with rose-cut diamonds.

Amethyst Ring  A beautiful  14kt gold ring set with a rich purple amethyst.  The table of the amethyst is carved with a Forget-Me-Not flower and set with rose-cut diamonds.  Circa 1880.

Victorian Lily of the Valley rose gold brooch.

Lily of the Valley Brooch!  An elegant Victorian brooch with a flowing spray of Lilies of the Valley crafted in rose gold and set with small pearls.  Circa 1870.

A 18kt gold Victorian Classic Revival brooch with a dove carrying an olive branch. (J601)

Dove of Peace!  An  18kt gold Classic Revival brooch crafted in the "bulla" style.  The brooch features a dove in flight carrying an olive branch across a swirling sea of gold.  Circa 1880.

18kt white gold antique ring with an Old European cut diamond.

Antique Elegance!  A beautifully designed and richly detailed antique ring featuring a 1.08 carat Old European cut diamond.  Crafted in 18kt white gold,  circa 1920.

Platinum Elegance!  An elegant platinum estate ring featuring an emerald-cut lavender spinel and two tapered baguette diamonds.  Circa 1950.

Art Nouveau amethyst and pearl pin in 14kt gold.

Amethyst Nouveau!  An elegant Art Nouveau pin set with a rich purple amethyst and six beautifully matched pearls.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.

Edwardian pin with riding crop and fox.

Tally Ho!  An Edwardian bar pin featuring a riding crop and fox.  A wonderful example of the late Victorian and Edwardian infatuation with equestrian and hunting themes.  Meticulously crafted in 15kt gold and platinum. English,  circa 1900.

Art Deco Locket!  A beautiful Art Deco locket decorated with concentric rings of blue and white enamel in a bull's eye pattern.  Beneath the blue enamel an intricately engraved pattern of radiating waves creates a wonderful guilloche effect.  Silver,  circa 1925.

An antique filigree ring with a sapphire and two diamonds.

Filigree Elegance!  A striking white gold filigree ring from the 1920s.  Set with a rich blue sapphire and two sparkling diamonds.

Art Nouveau brooch with a diamond, pearls and moss agate.

Art Nouveau Brooch!  A diminutive Art Nouveau brooch with flowing leaves and golden tendrils set with a diamond,  pearls and a cabochon-cut moss agate.  Circa 1900.

Antique filigree ring with diamond.

Diamond Filigree Ring!  A striking white gold filigree ring with a sparkling diamond.  Circa 1920.

Krementz Art Nouveau swan brooch.

Swan Brooch!  A wonderful Art Nouveau brooch with two sinuous swans framing a cluster of enamel blossoms.  Above the flowers three sparkling diamonds are set,  like dew drops,  on a beautifully enameled background.  Circa 1900.

Antique Swedish locket with rich blue guilloche enamel.

Swedish Locket!  A beautiful locket created in a Swedish workshop around 1900.  Crafted in silver,  this locket is decorated with rich blue enamels and beautifully engraved star burst designs creating a wonderful guilloche effect.

Victorian onyx and pearl Lilies of the Valley brooch. (J5335)

Lilies of the Valley  An elegant Victorian brooch with an exquisitely crafted bouquet of Lilies of the Valley.  The miniature flowers are rose gold set with small pearls.  Crafted in onyx and 14kt gold, circa 1870.    

Art Nouveau dogwood and moon brooch. (J9075)

Dogwood Honeymoon  The Victorians loved jewels with hidden messages.  This brooch with dogwood blossoms and a crescent moon may have had a special meaning.  Created by Krementz & Co. in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Collection of Scottish Revival jewelry.

Scottish Revival Jewelry   A collection of three diminutive Scottish Revival jewels featuring a bar pin, a battle ax and a Luckenbooth pin.  Circa 1860 to 1900.

Art Nouveau iris brooch with Old European-cut diamond.

Art Nouveau Iris Brooch  Jewelers of the Art Nouveau era  were masters at creating small,  life-like flowers in enamel and gold.  This iris brooch is a wonderful example of their artistry.  Crafted in 14kt gold and set with a small Old European-cut diamond,  circa 1900.

Antique gold ring with carnelian.

Antique Gold!   The elegance of the design,  the uncompromising quality of the craftsmanship and the richness of a fiery red carnelian and antique gold make this ring a truly extraordinary jewel.  Beautifully crafted in 14kt gold,  this ring was created during the 1920s.

Art Deco enamel watch.

Tempus Fugit!   A beautifully enameled and engraved Art Deco pocket watch.   The case is crafted in 18kt gold and the 17 jewel movement was created by the Swiss watchmaker, International Watch Company, circa 1925.

Collection of Art Nouveau Flowers

Bouquet of Art Nouveau Flowers   A small collection of diminutive flowers crafted in enamel and gold during the Art Nouveau period (1890 - 1910).   Each of these miniature jewels is a celebration of artistry of the turn-of-century goldsmith and enameler.

Gent's antique diamond ring crafted in 14kt gold.

Gentleman's Estate Ring  A striking gents diamond ring elegantly crafted in 14kt gold.  The shoulders and sides of the ring are richly decorated with stylized flowers.  Circa 1920.

Estate sapphire with diamond ring crafted in engraved platinum.

Estate Sapphire Ring!  An estate sapphire ring with all the elements of cool elegance  -  a striking blue sapphire,  sparkling white diamonds and cool platinum.  The striking sapphire weighs approximately  4 carats and is set with thirty six diamonds in an engraved platinum ring.

Art Nouveau fairy brooch.

Art Nouveau fairy brooch.   A wonderful example of Art Nouveau jewelry with plique-a-jour wings, a beautifully sculpted fairy and eight glistening diamonds set as dew drops.

Edwardian enamel pendant watch.

Purple Passion!   An elegant Edwardian pendant watch with matching necklace.   Crafted in 14kt gold, the watch and necklace are decorated with rich purple guilloche enamel and white enamel accents.   The movement and case were created by the Swiss watchmaker, Hass Neveux, circa 1910.

An Edwardian platinum brooch with diamonds.

Edwardian Elegance!   A striking Edwardian brooch created in platinum and set with 18 Old European Cut diamonds.

Art Nouveau 14kt Iris Pin

Art Nouveau Iris Pin   This wonderful 14kt chatelaine pin exhibits all the defining elements of fine Art Nouveau jewelry  -  free flowing lines,  a sensuous idealization of nature,  and meticulous attention to craftsmanship and design.

Egyptian revival brooch with garnet.

Wings of the Spirit   A wonderful winged brooch with a fiery garnet from the Egyptian Revival of the 1920s.

Cloisonne Belt Buckle

Cloisonne Belt Buckle   Rich, vibrant colored enamels are featured on this beautiful buckle.   A smooth surface is covered with a myriad of "cloisons" or cells of colors within a stylish scalloped frame.

14 kt antique filigree ring with an Old European cut diamond.

Antique Filigree!  A wonderful gold filigree ring featuring a   3/4 carat Old European cut diamond.  Beautifully crafted in 14kt gold and platinum,  circa 1930.

Edwardian Yellow Gold Amethyst Festoon Necklace

Edwardian Amethyst Festoon Necklace   Deep purple amethysts set in rich, warm yellow gold.   This antique festoon necklace creates an elegant cascade of sparkle and color that will complement your most elegant party dress!

A griffin pin by Riker Bros.

Griffin Pin from Riker Bros.   Crafted in 14kt gold, this little demon has a fiery red eye and four diamonds set in the handle of the sword.

18ktyg Polychromatic Enamel Pocket Watch

Exquisitely Enameled Pendant Watch   This is one of the most beautiful pendant watches we have ever seen.   The hunter case is 18kt yellow gold, set with pearls and is ornately enameled with floral designs.

Edwardian/Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Pendant

Edwardian Emerald and Diamond Necklace   An exquisite platinum necklace combining the light airiness of the Edwardian period with the bold, colorful geometry of the Art Deco Era.

Miniature Portrait of Young Girl

Miniature Portrait of a Young Girl   A lovely hand-painted, miniature portrait of a young girl, set in an 18kt yellow gold pendant/brooch accented with pearls and golden beads.

Beetle Belt Buckle

Beetle Belt Buckle   This buckle combines elements of Japanese, Arts and Crafts, Egyptian and Aesthetic Period styles to create a unique and wonderful buckle.   Wear this with a black sash or a colorful scarf and you will surely grab the attention of your friends.

Russian Silver Dog

Russian Silver Dog   Arf, Arf!   Wouldn't this cute little dog look great sitting on your desk, warding off evil doers and your boss?   Crafted by Feodor Lori in 19th century Russia, this silver bull dog sits atop of bed of green nephrite jade.

Arts & Crafts Silver Brooch

Arts & Crafts Brooch   Crafted of chased and repoussed silver, this brooch displays elements of both Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau periods.

Victorian enameled pin with pansy and crescent moon. (J4833)

Honeymoon?  A Victorian pin featuring an enameled pansy set in a crescent moon.  The Victorians were enchanted with secret meanings and hidden messages.  What might this small brooch be saying?  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1890.

Etruscan Revival pin with coral cabochon.

Etruscan Revival Pin   A radiant angle-skin coral cabochon is set at the center of this beautiful pin.  Painstakingly placed golden beads,  twisted-wire work and stylized flowers all add a dazzling brilliance.  Crafted in 18kt gold,  circa 1900.

Victorian 18kt gold chain with stars.

Victorian Necklace with Stars   An elegant Victorian neck chain with six-pointed stars.  The 18kt gold links are formed of interwoven double loops with ribbed surfaces.  Circa 1880

Victorian shamrock brooch with aventurine petals and diamonds.

Luck of the Irish!   A beautifully crafted four-leaf clover brooch with petals of aventurine quartz and four small diamonds set in silver like four glistening dew drops.
Do you feel lucky?

Elegant Victorian slide bracelet.

Elegant Slide Bracelet   Rich and elegant are words to describe this exceptional Victorian slide bracelet.   The bracelet is crafted in 14kt gold and features small pearls,  black enamel and a wonderfully decorative slide.   In 1870, this bracelet was a special Christmas gift for a lucky Victorian lady.   Will history repeat itself in 1998?

Victorian Ox Blood Coral Brooch

Victorian Ox Blood Coral Brooch   This Victorian yellow gold brooch celebrates a cluster of grapes and leaves carved in ox blood coral.   A truly life-like, three-dimensional rendition of nature.

Egyptian Revival scarab pendant.

Mystery of the Pharaohs   An ancient scarab amulet set in a beautifully crafted Egyptian Revival pendant.   Inspired by the archaeological discoveries during the mid Victorian era, this wonderful jewel was created in 18kt gold during the 1870s.

Victorian pendant watch in <I>Japonaiserie Style</I>.

East meets West   A wonderful example of the important influence that the Japanese arts had on jewelry of the late Victorian period.   This lovely sterling silver pendant watch is decorated with cattails, birds and a butterfly.

Victorian brooch with amethysts and pearls.

Victorian Lucky Charm   A Victorian 10kt gold bar pin featuring heart-shaped amethysts and pearls set in a clover leaf design.

Victorian Scottish Revival Garter Brooch

Scottish Revival Garter Brooch   This example of Scottish Revival jewelry is wonderfully engraved and inlaid with multi-colored agates and jaspers.   In excellent condition, this brooch will make any "bonnie lass" look bonnier and is priced just right for a Scotsman's pocket book.
Antique shell cameo of oasis scene.
Oasis Cameo   This beautifully carved shell cameo features an oasis with palm trees,  a maiden and an Arab trader.  What is the story behind the scene?  The richly carved details of the cameo offer many clues.

Striking cameo of Mercury

Messenger of the Gods  A wonderful mid Victorian cameo of the Roman god Mercury.  Beautifully set in an 18kt gold frame.

Shell Cameo of Young Man

Shell Cameo of Young Man  A wonderful Victorian shell cameo of a young man, beautifully set in an elaborate frame.

Sard Grylli Cameo Ring

Victorian Grylli Cameo Ring   A simple, yet classic, yellow gold ring with a grylli (i.e., two-faced) cameo carved in sard.   Set in as rose gold bezel frame and a beautifully crafted shank.

Lava Cameo Brooch

Victorian Lava Cameo Pins   Two exceptional lava cameos set in rose gold.   The "Grand Tour" of Europe was a must for any wealthy Victorian.   An important stop on this grand vacation were the ruins of Pompeii where Victorian travelers would purchase lava cameos such as these.

Cameo Festoon Necklace

Cameo Festoon Necklace   This early cameo necklace features a long tear drop shaped cameo suspended from a festoon chain with two smaller oval cameos, all bezel set in delicate frames.

Victorian Shell Cameo of Woman with Tressles

Shell Cameo of Woman   A classic Victorian brooch with a shell carved cameo of a woman from the Classical period with hair tresses and a diadem.   She is wonderful detailed and shows a pretty face....both important features for any cameo.

Victorian Sardonyx Cameo Pin

Victorian Sardonyx Cameo Pin   A wonderful example of Middle Victorian jewelry featuring a sardonyx cameo set within a shield-shaped frame and black enamel tracery.

Victorian Griffin Pin

Victorian Griffin Pin   This whimsical 14kt yellow gold griffin pin is a wonderful example of late Victorian jewelry, circa 1900.

Victorian Locket with Horseshoes

Lucky Horseshoe Locket   The Victorians were enamored with symbols of good luck and fortune.   This 18kt gold locket features two entwined horseshoes - ensuring that the wearer would share good luck with the loved one or friend pictured inside.

Victorian Silver Locket

Victorian Silver Locket   A lovely example of late Victorian jewelry,  this silver locket is decorated in the Japanese style embraced by the Aesthetic Movement  (circa 1880).  A wonderful example of the Japanese influence on late Victorian jewelers.

Antique and Vintage Jewelry Galleries

Krementz mermaid and swan cufflinks crafted in 14kt gold. (J9382)

Antique Cufflink Gallery   Elegant cufflinks from the Gold and Platinum Age of cufflinks (1880 to 1950).  Here you will find elegant cufflinks from the late Victorian through the jazzy Art Deco era.

Hans Brassler amethyst and diamond stickpin. (J9501)

Antique Stickpin Gallery  Antique stickpins from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco eras.  Each stickpin is like a miniature piece of sculpture set atop shaft of gold.

Art Nouveau amethyst and enamel brooch. (J9530)

Antique Brooch Gallery  A gallery of beautiful brooches from the past.  There are elegant jewels from the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Mid Century eras.

Art Deco onyx and diamond dress set. (DS9557)

Antique Dress and Tuxedo Set Gallery  Elegant dress and tuxedo sets from the early 20th century are among the finest ever made.  In this gallery you will find sets in a variety of elegant designs and fine materials.

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