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Jewelry Index

The are quite a few jewels on the Bijoux Extraordinaire web site.  So to help Judi find them all we created this Jewelry Index.

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Ablaze Diamond Ring
Acorns and Oaks Band
Age of Elegance Tanzanite Ring (sold)
Alling Diamond and Sapphire Cufflinks
Alluring Aquamarine Ring
Alpine-cut Purple Sapphire Tingle Ring
Amazin' Scrolls Ring
Amethyst Oval Earrings
Amethyst Nouveau Pin (sold)
Amethyst Torus Ring
Antique Beetle Belt Buckle
Antique Brooch with Porcelain Portrait
Antique Cufflinks Gallery
Antique Cloisonne Belt Buckle
Antique Diamond Filigree Ring
Antique Elegance Diamond Ring
Antique Filigree Diamond Ring
Antique Gold Cufflinks
Antique Gold Ring with Carnelian
Antique Platinum and Gold Cufflinks
Antique Sapphire Filigree Ring
Antique Swedish Locket
Antique Three Leaf Clover Pin
Antique White Gold Cufflinks
Aqua Light Ring
Aquamarine Tingle Ring
Arabesque Cufflinks
Architectural Elegance Cufflinks
Arrest Me Red Ring (1.39ct oval Red Spinel)
Arrest Me Red Ring (1.92ct cushion Red Spinel)
Arrest Me Red Ring (1.90ct cushion Red Spinel)
Art Deco Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Art Deco Elegance Cufflinks
Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring
Art Deco Locket
Art Deco Sapphire Cufflinks (sold)
Art Deco Sapphire Pendant
Art Deco Stripe Cufflinks
Art Deco "Tempus Fugit" Watch
Art Moderne Cufflinks (sold)
Art Nouveau Fairy Brooch
Art Nouveau Flowers
Art Nouveau Iris Brooch
Art Nouveau Iris Pin
Art Nouveau Moss Agate Brooch
Art Nouveau Serpent Stickpin
Art Nouveau Swan Brooch
Art of the Engraver
Arts & Crafts Silver Brooch
Asscher and Pinks Breathless Diamond Ring
Asscher and Violets Ring
Asscher Breathless Diamond Ring (0.89 cts, sold)
Asscher Breathless Diamond Ring (1.03 cts, sold)
Asscher Geometry Ring
Asscher Tingle Ring
Asscher Tingle II Ring
Autumn Leaves Earrings
Autumn Embers Ring (sold)
Autumn Embers II Ring


Barnett Robinson Jewels
Bedazzling Tanzanite Ring
Beehive earrings in 18kt gold
Being Koi Tourmaline Ring
Benitoite - 1.83 ct. Fancy Trillium
Benitoite Elegance Pendant
Bewitching Blue Diamond Ring
Biltmore Gentleman's Band
Black and Gold Cufflinks (TH)
Black and Gold Cufflinks (sold)
Black Dahlia Band
Black Drusy Dot Earrings
Blackinton Oval Cufflinks
Black Tie Drusy Earrings
Blue and Gold Cufflinks
Blue and Gold Cufflinks II
Blue Fireworks Cufflinks
Blue Flame I Ring
Blue Flame II Ring
Blue Flame III Ring (sold)
Blue Moon Sapphire Ring - 2.01 cts
Blue Moon Sapphire Ring - 2.90 cts
Blue Radiance Sapphire Ring
Bogota Bling Ring
Boulder Opal Blue Earrings
Boulder Opal Split
Bouquet of Roses Diamond Ring
"Brain Surgery" Ring
Breathless Asscher and Violet Diamond Ring
Breathless Asscher Diamond Ring (0.89 cts, sold)
Breathless Asscher Diamond Ring (1.03 cts, sold)
Breathless Blue Diamond Ring
Breathless Blue Diamond Ring II
Breathless Ruby Ring
Breathless Sapphire Ring (sold)
Breathless Sapphire Ring II
Brilliant Trilliant Diamond Ring
Byzantine-link Necklace


Cameo Brooch of Classical Greek Woman
Cameo Brooch of Diana (Sardonyx)
Cameo Brooch of Mercury
Cameo Brooch of Rebecca at the Well
Cameo Brooch of Young Man
Cameo Brooch of Woman
Cameo Brooch of Woman (Sardonyx)
Cameo Festoon Necklace
Cameo Grylli Ring (Sard)
Cameo Sardonyx Ring

Carrington Blues Cufflinks
Carrington Green and Gold Cufflinks
Carrington Linear Squares Cufflinks
Carrington Lines and Waves Cufflinks
Carrington Mother-of-Pearl Cufflinks
Carrington MOP and Pearl Dress Set
Carrington Onyx and Diamond Cufflinks
Carrington Onyx and Pearl Dress Set
Carrington Platinum and Gold Cufflinks
Carrington Sunburst Cufflinks
Carter Moonstone Cufflinks
Carter MOP and Enamel Dress Set
Carter Dress Set (sold)
Carter Golden Scroll Cufflinks
Carter Octagon Platinum and Gold Cufflinks
Carter Onyx Cufflinks
Carter Platinum and Gold Cufflinks (sold)
Carter Sapphire and Gold Cufflinks
Carter White on White Cufflinks
Catch the Wave Cufflinks
Celebration Diamond Ring
Celtic Knot Band
Celtic Revival Brooch
Celtic Revival Cufflinks
Choose a Side Bracelet
Chrome Tourmaline Breathless Ring
Chrysocolla Teardrop Earrings
Chrysocolla Pendant
Circle & Bow Bracelet
Circle of Light Ring
Classic 1940s Cufflinks
Classic Larter Cufflinks
Class of 1920 Cufflinks
Cobaltocalcite Pendant
Cocktail Blues Sapphire Ring
Cool Blue Sapphire Ring
Cool Blue Sapphire Ring and Band (custom)
Cool Elegance Necklace and Bracelet
Cool Ice Diamond Ring
Cool to be Square Sapphire Ring
Crane & Diamond Locket
Crossroads Pendant
Cushion Sapphire Breathless Ring
Cushion Sapphire Elegance Ring (2.22 ct)
Cushion Sapphire Elegance Ring (1.34 ct, sold)
Cushion Sapphire Elegance Ring (1.65 ct, sold)
Cushion Sapphire Elegance Ring (1.83 ct, sold)
Custom Fit Wedding Bands


Dawn Engraved Ring
Dazzling Diamonds Ring
Dazzling Drusy Earrings
Dazzling in Diamonds Earrings
Dazzling Ruby Ring
Deco Black and White Cufflinks
Deco Delight Sapphire Ring
Deco Green Cufflinks
Deco Hematite Earrings
Deco Hematite Pendant
Deco Moon Sapphire Ring
Deco Spiral Cufflinks
Diamond and Gold Cufflinks (sold)
Diamond and Garnets Ring
Diamonds and Scrolls Band
Diamond Cascade Ring
Diamond Dominoes Ring
Diamond Dots Band
Diamond Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Diamond Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Diamond Elegance II Cufflinks
Diamond Elegance II Cufflinks (sold)
Diamond Glitter Cufflinks (sold)
Diamond Heart Tingle Ring
Diamond Hidden Treasures Ring
Diamond Pizzazz Ring
Diamond Pizzazz Ring II
Diamond Riviere Necklace
Diamond Split Personality Band
Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond Woodland Flowers Band
"Diana and the Seahorses" Cameo Brooch
Dogwood Sapphire Earrings (sold)
Dots n' Dashes Band
Dreamy Drusy Pendant
Drusy Star of David Pendant
Drusy Uvarovite Earrings
Drusy Uvarovite Garnets
Durand Platinum and Gold Cufflinks


Earrings with Drusy Onyx and Rutilated Quartz
Easy as Pie Earrings
Edwardian Amethyst Festoon Necklace (sold)
Edwardian Cool Elegance Brooch
Edwardian Comet Brooch (sold)
Edwardian Elegance Cufflinks
Edwardian Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Edwardian Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Edwardian Gold and Platinum Cufflinks (sold)
Edwardian Gold Bar Pin
Edwardian Opulence Cufflinks
Edwardian Purple Enamel Watch
Edwardian "Tally Ho" Fox Pin (sold)
Egyptian Revival Cufflinks
Egyptian Revival Wing Brooch
Elegant Jazz Cufflinks (J8786)
Elegant Jazz Cufflinks (J7485, sold)
Elegant Jazz Bulls-eye Cufflinks (J8453, sold)
Elegant Jazz II Cufflinks (J8469, sold)
Elegant Jazz Cufflinks (J8631, sold)
Elegant Princess Ring
Elegante Rubellite Tourmaline Ring
Elegantly Engraved Britannic Cufflinks
Emerald and Diamond Band
Emerald Cabochon Ring
Emerald-cut Sapphire Geometry Ring
Emerald Earrings
Emerald Tingle Ring
Enamel Fireworks Cufflinks
Endless Love Diamond Ring
Engraved Elegance Cufflinks (J8737)
Engraved Elegance Diamond Ring
Estate Sapphire Ring
Etruscan Elegance Necklace and Bracelet
Etruscan Revival Coral Pin
European Criss Cross Diamond Ring
Eye of the Nile Ring
Eye of the Nile Ring (Magenta)


Faceted Tahitian Pearl
Fairmont Gentleman's Band
Fancy Color Sapphire Gallery
Fancy Yellow Elegance Ring
Fanfare in Gold Earrings
Fire and Ice Diamond Ring
Flame Geometry Spinel Ring
Flanders Brilliant Ring
Flanders Promise Diamond Ring
Flanders Sapphire Tingle Ring
Flowers and Scrolls Band
Flowers and Scrolls Band in Rose Gold
Flowers and Scrolls Band with Yellow Diamonds
Flowers and Scrolls Set with Yellow Diamonds
Fly a Kite Earrings
Forever Elegant Band
Forget-Me-Not Band
Foxtail-Link Necklace (14kt) (sold)
Frosty Elegance Cufflinks



      Antique Cufflinks Gallery
      Antique Dress Set Gallery
      Barnett Rings Gallery
      Bijoux Original Gallery
      Cameo Gallery
      Custom Design Jewelry Gallery
      Custom Engagement Rings Gallery
      Custom Fit Wedding Bands
      Diamond Rings Gallery
      Drusy Gemstones Gallery
      Ear-eee-sistible Earrings Gallery
      Engagement Rings Gallery
      Engraved Rings Gallery
      Estate Jewelry Gallery
      Fancy Color Sapphire Gallery
      Gemstone Gallery
      Gold and Platinum Gallery
      Gold Bracelets Gallery
      Rings Extraordinaire Gallery
      Sapphire Rings Gallery
      Tanzanite Rings Gallery
      Wedding and Anniversary Band Gallery

Gatsby Ring
Gee Whiz Cufflinks (sold)
Gentleman's Estate Ring
Gent's Razzle Dazzle Ring
Gent's Split Personality Band
Gold and Blue Cufflinks (sold)
Gold and Diamond Cufflinks
Gold and Pearl Cufflinks
Gold and Pearl Dress Set (sold)
Golden Dreams Earrings
Golden Dreams Earrings
Golden Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Golden Elegance Cufflinks
Golden Elegance II Cufflinks
Golden Garden Ring
Golden Metamorphoses Brooch
Golden Octagon Cufflinks
Golden Ovals Cufflinks
Golden Ovals Cufflinks II
Golden Pinstripe Cufflinks
Golden Pinwheel Cufflinks (sold)
Golden Quatrefoil Cufflinks
Golden Radiance Ring
Golden Sapphire Solitaire Ring
Golden Scroll and Sapphire Cufflinks (sold)
Golden Scrolls Bands
Golden Scrolls Cufflinks
Golden Spider Web Cufflinks (sold)
Golden Spiral Cufflinks
Golden Steps Ring (custom)
Golden Sunburst Cufflinks
Golden Swag Cufflinks
Golden Swag Cufflinks (Larter)
Gold Sapphire Jazz Cufflinks
Gorgeous Green Tourmaline Ring (sold)
Gothic Snowflake Cufflinks
Grape Expectations Amethyst Ring
Grape Vine Cufflinks
Green and Gold Cufflinks (sold)
Green Sapphire Woodland Flowers Band
Green with Envy Emerald Ring (sold)


Hathor Pendant
Hearts Forever Ring
Heart-shape Diamond Tingle Ring
Hearts of Elegance Tanzanite Ring
Heart-to-Heart Ring
Hidden Messages Wedding Rings
Holly Chalcedony Pendant
Holly Sprig Cufflinks
Horizontal Blue Concave-cut Sapphire Ring
Horizontal Blue Sapphire (1.55 ct.) Ring
Horizontal Blue Tanzanite Ring
Horizontal Violet Sapphire Ring
Horseshoe-link Bracelet
Huger Enamel Cufflinks
Huger Onyx and Gold Cufflinks


Ideal Diamonds for an Ideal Marriage Ring
In the Bag(uette)Semi-mount
Iolite and Green Tourmaline Ring
Iridescent Pyrite Earrings
It's Baffling Cufflinks


Jazzy Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Jewel of the Nile Ring
Jugendstil Cufflinks (sold)


Knock Out Tanzanite Ring
Knock Out with Scrolls Tanzanite Ring
Krementz Lotus Flower Pendant


La Lune Star Sapphire Ring
Lantuch Bee Cufflinks
Lantuch Whiplash Curve Cufflinks
Lantuch Winged Lady Spinel Ring
Larter "A" Cufflinks
Larter Abalone Dress Set
Larter Diamonds Cufflinks (sold)
Larter Gold and Black Cufflinks
Larter Golden Swag Cufflinks
Larter "M" Cufflinks (sold)
Larter Nouveau Lion Cufflinks (sold)
L'Art Nouveau Cufflinks (sold)
L'Art Nouveau Cufflinks
Lattice Brick-link Bracelet
Laurel and Rose Band
Lava Cameo of Renaissance Man
Lavender and Lilac Spinel Engraved Ring
Lavender Elegance Ring
Lavender Flowers and Scrolls Band
Lavender Lumiére Sapphire Ring
Lavender Spinel Engraved Ring
Lavender Spinel Estate Ring
Lavender Spinel Engraved Pendant
Lavender Spinel Scrolls Ring
Lenox Man's Band


"M"  Cufflinks
Magenta Eye of the Nile Ring
Mainne Amethyst and Diamond Ring Set
Mainne Garnet and Pink Sapphire Ring
Mainne Iolite and Garnet Pendant and Earrings
Mainne Wings of Gold Earrungs
Majestic Asscher-cut Diamond Ring
Mandarin Garnet and Diamond Drop Earrings
Mandarin Garnet Earrings
Mandarin Garnet Necklace
Mandarin Garnet Secret Garden Ring
Mandarin Woodland Flowers Band
Marquise Elegance Cufflinks
Mellow Yellow Ring
Mesmerizing Diamond Ring
Midnight Garden Ring
Mille Baci Sapphire Ring
Moiré Cufflinks
Montana Dendritic Agate Earrings
Montana Sapphire Breathless Ring
Montana Sapphire Elegance Ring (sold)
Montana Sapphire Elegance Ring II
Montana Sapphire Solitaire Engraved Ring (sold)
Montana Twilight Sapphire Ring
Morning Glories and Sapphires Ring
Morph-cut Sapphire Geometry Ring
Morph-cut Sapphire Tingle Ring
Moss Agate Cufflinks
Moss Agate Dress Set
Mummy Dearest Brooch
Mysteries of the Sphinx Pendant
Mysteries of the Sphinx Pendant II


Nautilus Earrings


Old European Criss Cross Diamond Ring
Onyx and Gold Cufflinks (Huger)
Onyx and Gold Dress Set (Krementz, sold)
Onyx and Pearl Dress Set (sold)
Onyx and Pearl Dress Set (Garrigus)
Optical Magic Cufflinks


Paraiba Tingle Ring (sold)
Paraiba Tingle Ring II (0.39 ct., pear shape)
Past, Present, Future Ring
Pearl and Diamond Drop Necklace (sold)
Pearl Pizzazz Earrings
Pendant with Blue Chalcedony
Pendant with Holly Chalcedony and Tsavorites
Pink Diamond Breathless Ring(sold)
Pink Diamond Tingle Ring
Pink Flame Ring
Pink Fleur Ring
Pink Ice Ring (sold)
Pink Opulence Diamond Ring
Pink Passion Diamond Ring
Pink Sapphire Breathless Ring
Pink Sapphire Rue Pavé Ring
Pink Sapphire Scrolls Ring
Pink Sapphire Tango Ring
Pisces Link 18kt Rose Gold Bracelet (sold)
Platinum and Gold Cufflinks (sold)
Platinum and Gold Cufflinks II (sold)
Platinum and Pearl Cufflinks (sold)
Platinum Double Taper Ring
Platinum Elegance Cufflinks
Platinum Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Platinum Frost Cufflinks
Platinum Frost II Cufflinks
Platinum Geometry Ring
Platinum Hexagon Cufflinks (sold)
Platinum Hidden Treasures Ring
Platinum Ingenuity Diamond Ring
Platinum Princess Sapphire and Diamond Band
Platinum Promise Diamond Ring
Platinum Promise Diamond Ring with Band
Platinum Radiance Cufflinks
Platinum Ritz Cufflinks (sold)
Platinum Snowflake Cufflinks
Plique-a-jour Brooch with Pearl (sold)
Plum Perfect Sapphire Ring (sold)
Plum Sapphire Elegance (1.54 ct)
Plum Stardust Sapphire Ring
Plum Tango Sapphire Ring
Plum Tingle Sapphire Ring
Plum Vines Sapphire Ring
Polaris Rhodolite Garnet Ring
Portrait Brooch of Young Girl
Possum Cufflinks
Pretty in Pink Diamond Wedding Bands
Psilomelane Trillium
Purple Deco-dence Sapphire Ring
Purple Sapphire Breathless Scrolls Ring
Purple Sapphire Geometry Ring
Purple Sapphire Scrolls Ring (1.74 ct.)
Purple Sapphire Scrolls Ring (1.48 ct., sold)
Purple Sapphire Tango Ring
Purple Sapphire Willow Ring
Puzzle-link Bracelet
Pysanky Engraved Ring


Quatrefoil Blues Cufflinks


Radiant Pink Spinel Ring
Radiant Promise Diamond Ring
Radiant Sapphire Breathless Ring
Radiant Sapphire Cufflinks
Radiant Swirl Cufflinks
Radiant Synergy Diamond Ring
Radiant Synergy Sapphire Ring
Rainbow Hematite Drops
Rainbow Hematite "Myseries of the Spinx" Pendant
Rainbow Rapture Ring
Razzle Dazzle Wedding Ring
Red Spinel Promise Ring
Red Spinel Tingle Ring
Red Spinel Trellis Ring (custom)
Red Spinel Trellis Ring (available)
Regal Lavender and Lilac Spinel Ring
Regal Red Elegance Spinel Ring
Regal Ruby Ring
Renaissance Revival (Manchester) Pendant
Renaissance Revival Portrait Brooch
Rhodochrosite (4.61 ct, Barion-cut)
Rhodolite Garnet Ring
Rhodolite Garnet Polaris Ring
Riker Brothers Griffin Pin
Ritz Dress Set (sold)
Rococo Cherub Brooch
Rolo Link 18kt Rose Gold Bracelet
Rose-cut Diamond Ring (sold)
Roses and Sapphires Ring
Roses and Satin Diamond Ring
Roses around the Moon Ring
Rosy Palmette Red Spinel Band
Rosy Regal Red Spinel Ring
Rosy Scrolls Band
Round Emerald Delight Ring
Round Ruby Delight Ring (sold)
Royal Asscher Tickle Ring (sold)
Rubellite Tourmaline (2.29 ct)
Rubellite Tourmaline Majestic Ring
Rubellite Tourmaline Ring
Ruby and Ice Ring
Ruby Breathless Ring
Ruby Dome Ring
Ruby Parfait Ring
Rue Pavé Pink Sapphire Ring
Russian Dog in Silver and Jade


Sapphire (2.01 ct. emerald-cut)
Sapphire and Diamonds Band
Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
Sapphire and Diamond Cufflinks (sold)
Sapphire and Diamond Cufflinks (sold)
Sapphire and Diamond Cufflinks
Sapphire and Diamond Cufflinks II
Sapphire and Dogwood Earrings (sold)
Sapphire and Gold Band
Sapphire and Gold Cufflinks (sold)
Sapphire and Gold Cufflinks II (sold)
Sapphire and Gold Cufflinks III (sold)
Sapphire and Gold Cufflinks IV (sold)
Sapphire and Ice Ring
Sapphires and Morning Glories Ring
Sapphires and Platinum Cufflinks
Sapphire Breathless Ring (cushion, 1.71 ct.)
Sapphire Breathless Ring II (emerald cut, 1.65 ct.)
Sapphire Breathless Ring (sold)
Sapphire Breathless Ring II (sold)
Sapphire Cabochon Ring
Sapphire Color Change Solitaire Ring
Sapphire Criss-Cross Ring
Sapphire Deco Delight Ring (sold)
Sapphire Deco Moon Ring
Sapphire Delight Ring (1.68 ct cushion)
Sapphire Delight Ring (1.65 ct oval, sold)
Sapphire Delight Ring with Double Band
Sapphire Dew Drop Earrings
Sapphire Elegance Cufflinks
Sapphire Elegance Ring (cushion 0.93 ct)
Sapphire Elegance Ring (cushion 1.34 ct, sold)
Sapphire Elegance Ring (cushion 1.65 ct, sold)
Sapphire Elegance Ring (cushion 1.83 ct, sold)
Sapphire Elegance Ring (emerald-cut 1.08 ct)
Sapphire Elegance Ring (emerald-cut 1.42 ct, sold)
Sapphire Elegance Ring (emerald-cut 1.65 ct, sold)
Sapphire Elegance Ring (square emerald-cut 1.64 ct, sold)
Sapphire Geometry Ring
Sapphire Halo Ring
Sapphire Hearts Cufflinks
Sapphire Hidden Treasures Ring (sold)
Sapphire HiddenTreasures Ring (1.53 ct)
Sapphires in Gold Earrings
Sapphires in Satin Band
Sapphire Jazz Cufflinks
Sapphire Jazz Dress Set
Sapphire Jungle Dreams Ring
Sapphire Knock Out Ring
Sapphire Luminosity Ring
Sapphire Lunar Elegance Ring
Sapphire Perfection Ring
Sapphire Plum Tingle Ring
Sapphire Radiant Synergy Ring
Sapphire Razzle Dazzle Ring
Sapphire Scrolls Bridal Set
Sapphire Secret Garden Ring II
Sapphire Seduction Ring (2.30 ct)
Sapphire Seduction Ring (2.77 ct, sold)
Sapphire Sensation Ring (Pastel, 3.96 ct)
Sapphire Sensation Ring II (2.68 ct)
Sapphire Sensation Ring (2.03 ct, sold)
Sapphire Sensation Ring (3.3 ct, sold)
Sapphire Sizzle Band
Sapphire Solitaire Ring II (bezel)
Sapphire Solitaire Ring (1.27 ct, sold)
Sapphire Solitaire Ring (custom)
Sapphire Solitaire Ring with Band (custom)
Sapphire Sparkle Ring
Sapphire Sparkle Ring II
Sapphire Split Ring
Sapphire Starry Nights Ring
Sapphire Stars Earrings
Sapphire Stream Band
Sapphire Stud Earrings (1.09 ct)
Sapphire Stud Earrings II (1.94 ct)
Sapphire Symphony Bracelet
Sapphire Tapestry Ring
Sapphires, The Cool Jewel Ring
Sapphire Tingle Ring
Sapphire Torus Ring
Sapphire Trellis Ring
Sapphire Trellis Ring (1.43 ct)
Satin Circle-link Gold Bracelet
Satin Finish Dumb Bell-link Bracelet
Scintillating Diamond Ring
Secret Garden Cufflinks
Secret Garden Engraved Band
Secret Garden Sapphire Ring
Secret Garden Sapphire Ring II
Sinuous Curves Cufflinks
Smooth as Silk Bracelet (sold)
Smooth as Silk Diamond Ring
Snowdrops Cufflinks
Snowdrops Dress Set (sold)
Solar Disk Ring
Solitaire Elegance Ring
Solitaire Color Change Sapphire Ring
Solitaire Scrolls Purple Sapphire Ring
Solitary Purple Star Sapphire Ring
Solitary Star Sapphire Ring (sold)
Solitary Star Sapphire Ring (sold)
Something New, Something Blue Tanzanite Ring
Sophisticated Elegance Cufflinks
Sophisticated Jazz Cufflinks
Sophisticated Scrolls Band
Spinel Flame Geometry Ring
Splendiferous Yellow Diamond Ring (sold)
Split Personality Band (Gent's)
Split Personality Band (Lady's)
Square Cushion-cut Sapphire Breathless Ring
Starburst Kohn Cufflinks
Starburst Tango Sapphire Ring
Star Bright Sapphire Ring
Star Gazer Pendant
Star Light, Star Bright Ring
Starry Nights Sapphire Ring
Star Sapphire Tingle
Symphony of Light Ring
Summer Solstice Ring (sold)
Summer Solstice Ring II (sold)
Summer Solstice Ring III
Summer Solstice Ring IV


Tango Purple Sapphire Ring
Tango Tanzanite Ring
Tantalizing Tanzanite Ring
Tanzanite (2.97 ct, pear shape)
Tanzanite (59.84 ct, specimen, sold)
Tanzanite Age of Elegance Ring (sold)
Tanzanite Elegance Ring (0.86 ct, sold)
Tanzanite Elegance Ring (1.54 ct, sold)
Tanzanite Fleur Ring
Tanzanite Hearts of Elegance Ring
Tanzanite Horizontal Blue Ring
Tanzanite Intrigue Ring
Tanzanite Knock Out with Scrolls Ring
Tanzanite Pendant
Tanzanite Rings Gallery
Tanzanite Scrolls Ring
Tanzanite Solitaire Ring
Tanzanite Stud Earrings (1.49ct, round)
Tanzanite Stud Earrings (1.61ct, trillium)
Tanzanite Tangent Ring
Tanzanite Tango Ring
Tanzanite Temptation Ring
Tanzanite Tingle Ring
Tanzanite Trellis Ring (sold)
The Dawn Ring
Tiffany Onyx Cufflinks(sold)
Tiffany Onyx Cufflinks
Titania Drusy Free Form
Titania Drusy Tongue
Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant
Tourmaline Trilogy Ring
Trapiche Emerald
Trilliant Diamond Ring
Trilliant Yellow Diamond Ring
Trillium Concave-Facetted Sapphire Ring
Trillium Tourmaline Ring
Tsavoire Faire Ring
Tsavorite Elegance Ring
Tsavorite Secret Garden Ring
Tsavorite Solitaire Engraved Ring
Tulip-set Diamond Ring (0.40 ct)
Two-Tone Gold Link Bracelet


Udderly Ridiculous Brooch
Understated Elegance Cufflinks
Unger Bros. Possum Cufflinks
Uvarovite Star Pendant (sold)
Uvarovite Trillium Earrings


Victorian 18kt Enamel Watch
Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket
Victorian Amethyst Brooch
Victorian Amethyst Ring
Victorian Basilisk Stickpin
Victorian Birds and Bugs Watch
Victorian Coral Brooch
Victorian Diamond and Pearl Locket
Victorian Dove Brooch
Victorian Egyptian Revival Scarab Pendant
Victorian Elegance Cufflinks
Victorian Etruscan Revival Pin
Victorian Fly Stickpin
Victorian Gold Stars Necklace
Victorian Gold Strap Bracelet
Victorian Gothic Revival Brooch
Victorian Griffin Pin
Victorian Hair Bracelet
Victorian "Honey Moon" Pin
Victorian Lily of the Valley Brooch
Victorian "Lucky at Horseshoes" Locket
Victorian Maltese Cross Brooch
Victorian Masonic Cufflinks
Victorian Pearl Torch Stickpin
Victorian Questioning Serpent Stickpin
Victorian Scottish Revival Garter Brooch
Victorian Scottish Revival Pins  
Victorian Sea Serpent Stickpin
Victorian Serpent Cufflinks
Victorian Shamrock Brooch
Victorian Slide Bracelet with Pearls
Victorian Winged Lion Stickpin
Violet Sapphire Elegance Ring
Violet Voila! Necklace
Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring

Waldorf Gentleman's Band
Wedding and Anniversary Band Gallery
Whiplash Curves Cufflinks
White and Gold Cufflinks
Winged Sapphire Ring
Winter Elegance Cufflinks
Winter Garden Ring
Winter Twilight Ring
Wintery Elegance Cufflinks (sold)
Wintery Jazz Cufflinks
Wintery Rose Cufflinks
Wonder from Down Under Ring
Woodland Flowers Band
Woven Gold and Diamond Earrings
Woven Gold Button Earrings
Wow Boulder Opal Necklace
Wow Tananite Ring
Wow Tanzanite Ring (custom)


Yellow Diamond Cascade Ring
Yellow Sapphire Hidden Treasures
Yellow Sapphire Solitaire Ring
Yin Yang Pendant

Ziething Bull's Eye Cufflinks (sold)
Ziething Sapphire Cufflinks
Ziething Sapphire Cufflinks (sold)
Ziething Starburst Cufflinks

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